Pentagon drops opposition to Huawei sales restrictions – reports

The US government is steadily ramping up its opposition to Huawei, now even at the expense of US companies that sell tech components to the Chinese telecom equipment giant.

In a story this week on Politico and then The Wall Street Journal, both citing unnamed sources, Pentagon officials are no longer opposing a proposed rule change to make it tougher for US firms to sell stuff to Huawei.

Nothing has been implemented yet. The Trump administration is still batting around the idea. But the WSJ explains the difference in what's in place now and what may change: "The existing rules allow continued shipments to blacklisted companies for products that are made overseas and contain less than 25% US-made content. The rule change reduces that percentage to 10% for Huawei shipments, which would sharply limit the items that US companies could sell without an export license."

This new round of pressure from the Trump administration follows the US failure to convince other governments – especially European allies – to keep Huawei gear out of their 5G networks.

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