Oracle scales up converged charging

AUSTIN – With nearly 200 commercial 5G deployments, communications service providers (CSPs) will need to monetize new offers ranging from cloud gaming to smart construction and IoT. The success of these new use cases and their underlying business models will hinge on efficiently scaling charging operations to support tens or even hundreds of millions of subscribers.

To ensure CSPs can meet these demands, Oracle recently put its Cloud Scale Charging to the test. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), the solution achieved single-digit millisecond latency in a multi-site performance test scaled to support 100 million concurrently active subscribers. Achieving 270,000 transactions per second, the test showed that Oracle’s cloud native solutions can meet even the most strenuous charging requirements of the world’s largest CSPs.

“CSPs will need to charge for 5G services in real-time using hyperscale performance, scalability, and availability,” said John Abraham, principal analyst, Analysys Mason. “Cloud native architectures will also be essential to helping CSPs reduce cost and improve time to cash across the revenue lifecycle. Oracle’s performance test results show Cloud Scale Charging is equipped to meet these stringent performance requirements.”

“The results show that with Oracle’s Cloud Scale Charging, CSPs don’t have to limit innovation. The solution’s rating and balance management capabilities are unhindered by the complexity of the pricing model or account structure and enable CSPs to maintain scalability and business continuity without compromising performance,” said Jason Rutherford, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications, Applications. “Oracle’s Cloud Scale Monetization portfolio brings together the company’s deep expertise in the communications industry with a breadth of capabilities for developing high-performance cloud native solutions.”


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