Huawei, China Telecom deploy 'world's first' FDD 40MHz HDSS solution in Sichuan

MIANYANG, China – Huawei and China Telecom Sichuan jointly launched the world's first trial of the HDSS innovative solution in Sichuan, Southwest China. HDSS is a hybrid dynamic spectrum sharing solution designed to maximize the rate of spectrum utilization. Using 40 MHz bandwidth on the 2.1 GHz band, this trial marks a new milestone in the joint innovation between Huawei and China Telecom's Sichuan branch.

HDSS was unveiled during the 2020 Huawei product and solution launch conference in London. Being the latest innovation of the CloudAIR solution in the 5G era, it boasts adaptability to all scenarios. The trial project implemented in the Sichuan city of Mianyang focuses on the most important scenario of HDSS: 5G high-bandwidth applications. A contiguous high bandwidth of 40 MHz is set up for 5G, 20 MHz of which is exclusive to 5G services while the other 20 MHz is shared dynamically between 4G and 5G services in real time.

3GPP Release 16 defines 40 MHz high-bandwidth FDD NR cells, enabling 5G to uses high bandwidth to further improve user experience and spectral efficiency. In high-bandwidth scenarios, HDSS enables 5G to use all the spectrum to enhance the NR user experience, while minimizing the impact on legacy LTE networks and user experience. This HDSS trial delivered impressive results, with the performance of the solution fully meeting expectations. The solution's capabilities in high-bandwidth scenarios are also fully verified. Compared with the static 20 MHz NR and 20 MHz LTE combined configuration, HDSS increases the downlink peak rate by 84% for NR users while retaining the same downlink experience for LTE users.

This trial is hugely significant for the construction of 5G networks and epitomizes the diverse use cases of 5G high-bandwidth deployment. Both Huawei and China Telecom Sichuan will continue to innovate in network capabilities and contribute to the development of 5G networks to provide optimal experience.

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