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4K: Sony Makes You Believe via UBB

4K is set to redefine how we see and utilize video. What does this have to do with Huawei? It’s going to take pipes as broad as the Pacific Ocean to move all those pixels. This is what brought Sony, 4K’s most prominent champion, to our Ultra-broadband Forum (UBBF), where its Head of AV Media for Sony Professional Europe, Olivier Bovis, spoke with us.

Jason Patterson & Linda Xu: How is Sony driving ultra-broadband to facilitate 4K development?

Olivier Bovis: Well the contribution of Sony probably starts ahead of the game, focusing on the content creation aspect. Before there’s 4K, you need to have acquired 4K content. In this there are probably three areas. The first is more at a core technology level. We’ve been developing specific codecs, for example, for production and capture of 4K, making it easy to edit. The second part is the products, and it started quite some time ago with us introducing 4K projectors, for example, in cinemas, in the first place. There are about 17,000 of them deployed worldwide now for people who want to see a 4K cinema experience. And after that we focused on the acquisition aspects, primarily camera development aimed first at cinema production. And then live production for sports applications. And nowadays we’re now covering pretty much every aspect of production of any genre. The third part is supporting the production of 4K at the beginning stage.

And you’ve heard all about, I’m sure, the FIFA World Cup where three matches were recorded in 4K. But these are only some of the examples. We did the first 4K rugby transmission trial a few years ago now. We then shot music concerts with Muse or Peter Gabriel, fashion shoots, operas. So there’s quite a lot of production work that has been carried out, with our support, in order to learn more about 4K and really help the industry embrace it, if you will, and see the value behind it.

And finally, the fourth element goes back into the aspect of transmitting 4K. And I think the first action came from our colleagues at Sony Pictures Entertainment where they have the largest 4K catalog available to date, which they are providing through Video Unlimited in the United States, Wasu in China, or Netflix in the countries where this is applicable. So, we focus primarily on contributing core technology, product development, sponsoring of and support of production work, and now all the way to helping the distribution of content itself.

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