T-Mobile confirms layoffs but won't discuss numbers

Ever the optimists, the folks at T-Mobile responded to multiple reports that they were shedding hundreds of newly acquired Sprint employees with some cheery talk about the carrier's "workforce evolution."

Read the entire statement here, if you must.

The company starts off its post by touting its ambitious plan to add 5,000 new jobs. It won't say where, how or when and that number is the only one shared in the statement. By contrast, a telecom union has repeatedly warned that T-Mobile's merger with Sprint will actually shrink the company by as many as 30,000 jobs. Perhaps we should split the difference?

T-Mobile said it will find some redundant workers new jobs inside the company. The not-so-lucky will "be supported in their efforts to find a new position outside the company."

More on T-Mobile's employment numbers and trends:

Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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