Facebook: Accelerating innovations in infrastructure and advancing global connectivity with our partners

High-quality Internet access opens new opportunities to make yourself heard, connect with the people and communities you care about, and build new businesses. It’s also good for industries and businesses of all kinds, including Facebook. The latest edition of our Inclusive Internet Index shows progress on bringing broadband access to more people, but the rate of growth in household connectivity has been slowing. While mobile broadband data has become more affordable on average, it’s still expensive for many in low-income countries. Addressing these remaining barriers to global connectivity is a big job—one that requires many people working together.

Facebook Connectivity, along with our community of partners, aims to break down these barriers by developing new technologies, business models, and programs that reduce the cost of providing high-quality Internet. Our team is focused on working with industry partners to make data-driven choices about where to deploy capacity, how to optimize network designs and deployments, how to reduce costs (including operational and capital expenses), and how to drive efficiency through innovation.

To that end, we are excited to share updates on Facebook Connectivity and to celebrate our partners. We’re working on several new initiatives around Terragraph, Magma, satellite-based Wi-Fi solutions, shared fiber builds, and more. And while we won’t all be together at MWC Barcelona this year, we are summarizing our recent work here and will share all of the content we had originally planned on our Facebook Connectivity website on February 28.

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