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2012 Leading Lights Finalists: Company of the Year (Private)

The fabless semiconductor company revved its innovation engine this year with the introduction of a 200Gbit/s network processor. The NFP-6000 family is Netronome 's newest set of chips optimized for packet, flow, security and content processing in a single device. During the last year, the company has focused R&D investment and increased headcount to support new product development, stepping up to meet the needs of network equipment makers to handle ever-increasing traffic speeds in enterprise and carrier networks.

Cyan Inc.
Cyan Inc. is at the forefront of two major trends in the telecoms industry: SDN and service assurance. Its software and products help operators trim their operating costs and ensure service levels, which is arguably what they care about most. And Cyan has taken an open approach, which is resonating with service providers. For example, its 360 software-defined metro network orchestration system gives operators virtualization and control of multi-layer, multi-vendor networks with applications for planning, management and service level agreement (SLA) assurance.

DigitalRoute AB
In the market for mediation platforms, DigitalRoute AB stands out. It has taken its MediationZone product beyond mere telecoms billing mediation, and it can now be used for a range of applications, including policy control, usage management or service assurance mediation. It basically supports any combination of data exchange between any systems, giving operators a flexible and efficient way to use the massive amount of data their networks generate.

Actix Ltd.
As mobile operators strive to keep up with ever-increasing data traffic and always-changing usage patterns resulting from the surge in smartphone users, Actix Ltd. is helping them keep track of what's going on in their networks and enabling them to pinpoint where the user experience falters, particularly in their radio access network (RAN). The company's ActixOne software gives them analytics on their customers' experience, the performance of their network equipment, as well as the effectiveness of in-house or outsourced network operations. These analytical tools are in hot demand, particularly as operators investigate how and where to add capacity to their mobile data networks with small cells.

BroadHop Inc.
BroadHop Inc. 's market traction shows that policy management is more important than ever for service providers, especially as they are looking to control and monetize users' access to multiple networks, including 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, DSL or FTTH. The company's Quantum Network Suite does that, but it also gives operators tools to quickly define new services. With this feature, the policy management system becomes more of a proactive service development tool rather than just a defensive bandwidth management play.

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— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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