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Light Reading's coverage of mobile spectrum issues provides insight into the trends impacting the award and use of airwaves for mobile communications.
By Gagandeep Kaur, Contributing Editor, 4/19/2018
Following several rounds of consolidation, India's telecom industry is poised for a major expansion of network infrastructure. Each of the top three service providers ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 4/18/2018
Huawei is expected to launch its first 5G smartphone in the third quarter of 2019. The timing is in line with expectations of the arrival of initial Chinese ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 4/17/2018
Google is asking the FCC for permission to hold more tests on 3.5GHz-based CBRS LTE-based services in Texas, which -- beyond 2018 -- could enable the shared mid-band ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 4/12/2018
High-band, millimeter wave 5G is shaping up as the Usain Bolt of wireless: Insanely fast over 200 meters or less, not so hot over long distances.
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By Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, 4/12/2018
Think of every major emerging networking technology in the telecom industry. Software-defined networking. Cloud RAN. Millimeter wave. Edge computing. Spectrum ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 4/10/2018
Sprint and T-Mobile have reportedly restarted merger talks just five months after they last abandoned the M&A negotiating table.
By Light Reading, 4/10/2018
Scott and Jamie fight post-holiday lethargy to discuss the UK's 5G spectrum auction, 'Facebookgate' and more.
By Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, 4/9/2018
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Brexit twist in Facebook data shenanigans; Telefónica chooses ASSIA for WiFi management; Nokia gets China Mobile gig; Deutsche ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 4/5/2018
Charter, the second-largest cable operator in the US, is undertaking more fixed 5G tests in Los Angeles, following initial tests around the country in 2017.
By Iain Morris, News Editor, 4/5/2018
In 2000, when the UK government sold licenses for the spectrum that would support 3G services, it bagged a budget-boosting £22.5 billion ($31.6 billion) and went off ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 4/4/2018
Expect to see a lot more concern about RF exposure and 5G health risks in the coming years, now that the FCC has relaxed rules on small cell deployment and 5G radios ...
By Brendan Gill, CEO, OpenSignal, 4/3/2018
Unlimited mobile data plans are gradually sweeping across the world, and Europe will not escape them. By offering data to users without restrictions, operators are ...
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 3/30/2018
AT&T is applying to hold a mobile 5G test in California ahead of its potential mobile 5G launch late this year.
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DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Cybercrime Will Reach $6 Trillion Annually
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/18/2018
Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, told ...
Alert Warns Russian Actors Are Targeted Unsecured Network Devices
Larry Loeb, Author, 4/18/2018
A join statement from UK and US law enforcement and security agencies are warning ...
Broadband World News
ADTRAN Upbeat as Q1 Results Reflect Stalled Spending
Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/18/2018
ADTRAN expects a strong second half as CenturyLink's review eventually ends, it ...
Ovum: 10-Gig Era Demands Business Innovation for Max Margins
To command the higher premiums high-speed connections warrant, fixed broadband ...
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Europe's Backhaul Black Hole Looms Above 5G
Iain Morris , News Editor , 9/18/2017
The poor availability of fiber for mobile backhaul spells trouble for some of ...
The Growing Pains of 5G
Iain Morris , News Editor , 3/15/2017
The hype surrounding 5G reached fever pitch at the recent Mobile World Congress, ...
Ingenu Revs Up IoT Rhetoric
Iain Morris , News Editor , 5/18/2016
Ingenu is making a bold case for its RPMA technology in an increasingly ...
5G: Hurdles on the Track
Iain Morris , News Editor , 3/7/2016
Standardization efforts on 5G are getting ahead of a business case for the ...
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Light Reading founder Steve Saunders talks with VMware's Shekar Ayyar, who explains why cloud architectures are becoming more distributed, what that means for workloads, and why telcos can still be significant cloud services players.
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