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Slideshow: Signs & Celebs for Net Neutrality
Slide Shows  | 
12/15/2017  |  Post a comment
A photo tour of the net neutrality rally outside the FCC.
FCC Ends Net Neutrality
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2017  |  4 comments
Chairman Ajit Pai grants his own holiday wish.
Comment: Re: No FiOS IPTV? - msilbey - 12/13/2017
T-Mobile Buys Layer3 TV, Plans OTT Launch
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2017  |  Post a comment
Un-carrier aims for un-cable.
Vapor IO Is Virtualizing the Edge
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2017  |  Post a comment
And it's made Chicago its first Kinetic Edge city.
Arris CEO: Software Isn't Everything
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2017  |  Post a comment
CEO Bruce McClelland explains what comes next after the Ruckus acquisition.
Verizon's New Fios TV Is No More
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2017  |  6 comments
So much for the new IPTV platform.
WOW Nears 'Cap & Grow' for Virtualization
News Analysis  | 
12/11/2017  |  Post a comment
Start the 12-month countdown.
What If Disney & Comcast Split for Fox?
MariNation  | 
12/8/2017  |  2 comments
Why Comcast would still come out a winner even if it split a deal for Fox with Disney.
Automation Brings Rise of the Juniper Bots
News Analysis  | 
12/7/2017  |  Post a comment
Bring on the bots... and the super bots.
Comcast Gig Box Goes Nationwide, No LoRa Yet
News Analysis  | 
12/6/2017  |  1 comment
The advanced gateway is packed with gigabit connectivity, advanced WiFi tech and IoT radios, but no LoRa support this time around.
Viavi Takes Big Step on Automation Path
News Analysis  | 
12/6/2017  |  1 comment
Real-time analytics across legacy and virtualized networks? Yes, please.
Ergen Out as Dish CEO
News Analysis  | 
12/5/2017  |  Post a comment
All eyes are on Dish's wireless future.
Moffett: Watch for Telco 'Wounded Animals'
News Analysis  | 
12/4/2017  |  Post a comment
Cable companies' success in the business services market may be a dangerous thing.
Arris Reels in Ruckus Why I Like This Deal
MariNation  | 
12/1/2017  |  Post a comment
Hello convergence.
Cox Is Trialing SD-WAN Too
News Analysis  | 
11/30/2017  |  Post a comment
Welcome to the cable SD-WAN club.
Where Does Comcast Really Stand on Paid Prioritization?
News Analysis  | 
11/29/2017  |  10 comments
Words matter.
Operators Must Cloudify at the Edge
News Analysis  | 
11/28/2017  |  1 comment
The cloud cycle is repeating. This time at the network edge.
Crown Castle Eyes Edge Computing in 2018
News Analysis  | 
11/27/2017  |  4 comments
First commercial edge data center deployments likely for Crown Castle in 2018.
Fed Watch: AT&T, Net Neutrality & More
News Analysis  | 
11/21/2017  |  5 comments
Irony doesn't begin to cover today's media regulation scene.
Charter Plans In-Home Small Cell Gateway
News Analysis  | 
11/21/2017  |  2 comments
Where there's a gateway, Charter wants to put a small cell too.
Memo to Telcos: NYC Has an RFI for You
News Analysis  | 
11/20/2017  |  3 comments
The Big Apple is ready to barter with telecom companies, and others, for the city's broadband future.
Broadcom Deal Is Done for Brocade
News Analysis  | 
11/17/2017  |  3 comments
The $5.9 billion acquisition is now complete. On to bigger (ahem, Qualcomm) deals.
Senet Virtualizes Worldwide IoT Network
News Analysis  | 
11/16/2017  |  Post a comment
That's no starter network.
Comment: Re: edgecast?? - msilbey - 11/16/2017
Comment: Re: Correction - msilbey - 11/15/2017
Qwilt Starts Caching on Verizon Edge
News Analysis  | 
11/14/2017  |  2 comments
Verizon is deploying Qwilt's transparent caching solution, and it's a pretty big deal for the future of content delivery.
Cable Nets Split to the Internet With Philo
News Analysis  | 
11/14/2017  |  1 comment
A+E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps and Viacom are creating their own streaming service with a $25 million investment in Philo, an OTT offering launching today.
Slideshow: Meet Philo TV
Slide Shows  | 
11/14/2017  |  2 comments
A peek at the new OTT streaming TV service, Philo.
Time May Have Run Out for Dish Buyout
News Analysis  | 
11/13/2017  |  Post a comment
Even wireless spectrum is only worth so much.
Broadband Fee Fight Gets Messy at the FCC
News Analysis  | 
11/10/2017  |  6 comments
With fiber deployments ratcheting up and 5G on the horizon, what's the right model for charging fees to install telecom equipment in public rights-of-way? The FCC wants to figure it out fast.
DOJ Brings Timeline Trouble to AT&T-TW Deal
News Analysis  | 
11/8/2017  |  Post a comment
What if the AT&T acquisition of Time Warner doesn't get approved?
Savvy Vecima Invests in Cable Edge
News Analysis  | 
11/8/2017  |  Post a comment
Vecima is placing its bets in distributed access architectures and content delivery network technology.
Ducting Disruption Fuels Fiber for Smart Cities
News Analysis  | 
11/7/2017  |  3 comments
How microducts and pushable fiber could make a difference in smart city connectivity.
Smart Cities Need Fiber
Featured Content Special  | 
11/7/2017  |  Post a comment
How microducts and pushable fiber could make a difference in smart city connectivity.
Altice & Sprint Ink MVNO Deal
News Analysis  | 
11/6/2017  |  Post a comment
After the end of talks with T-Mobile, Sprint is now teaming up with Altice USA.
Broadcom Heads Home, Clears Way for Brocade Buyout
News Analysis  | 
11/3/2017  |  Post a comment
The outlook for Broadcom's buyout of Brocade has gotten a lot rosier.
DoJ May Fight AT&T-TW Deal Report
News Analysis  | 
11/2/2017  |  1 comment
A new report suggests the DOJ could file an antitrust lawsuit to block AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.
Arris Readies R-PHY Rollouts for Q4
News Analysis  | 
11/2/2017  |  Post a comment
Here comes Remote PHY.
Cable Virtualization Needs a Solid Framework
News Analysis  | 
11/1/2017  |  Post a comment
You can't get there from here... without a framework.
Cable Virtualization Needs Framework
Featured Content Special  | 
11/1/2017  |  Post a comment
You can't get there from here... without a framework.
Verizon Preps NG-PON2 Rollout for Q1
News Analysis  | 
10/31/2017  |  Post a comment
Verizon unveils NG-PON2 commercial deployment plans.
Calix Has a New Smart Home Platform
News Analysis  | 
10/30/2017  |  4 comments
The new Calix EXOS operating system lets third-party products and applications onto an on-premises managed network, but also layers in connectivity management, analytics, security and more.
Charter Touts Gig Plans as Earnings Slide
News Analysis  | 
10/26/2017  |  1 comment
Charter will launch gigabit services with DOCSIS 3.1 in the next couple of months.
Comcast Not Immune to Pay-TV Declines
News Analysis  | 
10/26/2017  |  8 comments
And that's why it's betting so heavily on broadband.
Ericsson Is Building a DOCSIS Small Cell
News Analysis  | 
10/25/2017  |  Post a comment
The era of cable small cells is about to arrive.
AT&T Trades Pay-TV Dollars for OTT Dimes
News Analysis  | 
10/25/2017  |  3 comments
Remember when telco TV was a good business?
Comment: Re: Apples all around - msilbey - 10/25/2017
Tivo Tips New Bolt Boxes
News Analysis  | 
10/24/2017  |  2 comments
Tivo's not giving up on retail hardware yet.
Comment: Re: TV - msilbey - 10/23/2017
3, 2, 1... Rocket Fiber Readies Pay-TV Launch
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2017  |  3 comments
10-Gig ISP Rocket Fiber talks about why it's getting into the pay-TV business and how.
Comment: Re: A totally new take - msilbey - 10/23/2017
Verizon's IPTV Plans Flounder Further
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2017  |  6 comments
Even Verizon's updated Fios TV product appears to be in trouble.
SCTE Slide Show: Arris & Cisco Play Nice!
Slide Shows  | 
10/20/2017  |  Post a comment
DAA forced Arris and Cisco into each other's booths at the SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo... and other tales of cable fun.
Liberty Has Some Mobile Advice for US Cable
News Analysis  | 
10/18/2017  |  Post a comment
Liberty Global is a quad-play operator in Europe and beyond, and CEO Mike Fries has the wisdom of experience in mobile to share.
Cisco: Cable Nets Can Backhaul Small Cells
News Analysis  | 
10/18/2017  |  1 comment
What if DOCSIS networks could provide the backhaul capacity necessary for 4G and future 5G wireless networks?
Cable-Tec: Cisco Talks DOCSIS
Featured Content Special  | 
10/18/2017  |  Post a comment
Instead of using fiber for mobile backhaul, why not cable's RF plant?
Netflix Schools MVPDs in Q3
News Analysis  | 
10/17/2017  |  Post a comment
Once again, Netflix outperforms in its quarterly earnings report.
What to Watch for at Cable-Tec Expo
News Analysis  | 
10/16/2017  |  Post a comment
Cable access will be a big topic again, with DAAs, virtualization and managed WiFi all on the Cable-Tec docket.
Comment: Re: Parallels to C-RAN - msilbey - 10/13/2017
Comment: Re: Parallels to C-RAN - msilbey - 10/13/2017
Cablecos, Networks Play the Blame Game
News Analysis  | 
10/13/2017  |  Post a comment
Who's to blame in the skinny bundle wars?
The Big Cable DAA Update
News Analysis  | 
10/11/2017  |  7 comments
Ahead of SCTE, we look at cable's ongoing efforts to shift to a distributed architecture. Is 2018 the year that DAA deployments take off?
In Cable First, WOW Distributes & Virtualizes the Access Network
News Analysis  | 
10/10/2017  |  Post a comment
In a cable first, WOW is virtualizing its cable access network with the help of Nokia's virtualized Distributed Access Architecture (vDAA) technology.
Cisco Makes the Case for FDX Over FTTH
News Analysis  | 
10/6/2017  |  Post a comment
Cisco explains why Altice may not need to deploy fiber to the home in the US after all.
NYC May Be Leading a Digital Revolution
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2017  |  Post a comment
To become a smart city, New York wants to change its relationship with the telecom industry.
Is Trouble Brewing for Brocade, Broadcom?
News Analysis  | 
10/4/2017  |  Post a comment
Regulators could put the brakes on Broadcom's acquisition of Brocade, and Arris's acquisition of Brocade's Ruckus Wireless assets.
DOJ Blesses CenturyLink, Level 3 Merger... With Conditions
News Analysis  | 
10/3/2017  |  Post a comment
CenturyLink has approval from the US Department of Justice to acquire Level 3, but it will have to divest itself of some of Level 3's nationwide fiber assets.
Altice/Disney Deal: A Case of 'Happy Ever After'?
News Analysis  | 
10/2/2017  |  Post a comment
Threat of blackouts still looms large in programming negotiations.
Trump Pulls a Trump on Infrastructure Strategy
MariNation  | 
9/29/2017  |  9 comments
An infrastructure bill without public/private partnerships? Sad!
Amazon Heats Up TV Hardware Battle
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2017  |  7 comments
Bigger than a stick and smaller than a set-top, the Amazon 4K Fire TV is a threat to cable.
Comment: Re: Stream - msilbey - 9/27/2017
Comment: Re: Shame... - msilbey - 9/27/2017
Comment: Re: Stream - msilbey - 9/27/2017
Analysts: Dish Is in Dire Straits
News Analysis  | 
9/27/2017  |  8 comments
A wireless spectrum sale won't save Dish's video business.
Comcast Reveals Instant TV & the IPTV Future
News Analysis  | 
9/26/2017  |  8 comments
Comcast is calling its new Instant TV service the 'tip of the spear.'
Can Fixed Wireless Fix Rural Broadband?
News Analysis  | 
9/25/2017  |  28 comments
There are true believers who think it can.
Why Amazon May Be Cable's Biggest Threat
MariNation  | 
9/22/2017  |  14 comments
It's not just because Amazon has a lot of cash.
Charter Has a Secret TV App for Colleges
News Analysis  | 
9/20/2017  |  2 comments
Charter goes back to school with SpectrumU.
Comment: Re: What's in a name - msilbey - 9/19/2017
Comcast Shuts Down OTT Again
News Analysis  | 
9/19/2017  |  5 comments
Comcast's 'Watchable' wasn't well-watched.
NY State Levies $13M Fine on Charter
News Analysis  | 
9/19/2017  |  Post a comment
Charter now faces a hefty fee for failing to meet New York's broadband deployment deadlines.
Comcast Packs More Powerful SD-WAN Punch
News Analysis  | 
9/18/2017  |  Post a comment
Comcast isn't just adding SD-WAN, it's making a strong play as a large player without any MPLS legacy to protect.
Cities Slam FCC on Broadband Proceedings
News Analysis  | 
9/15/2017  |  8 comments
City CIOs and CTOs think the FCC is putting future broadband and smart city investment at risk.
Comcast Aims to Layer LoRa Into XB6 Gateway
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2017  |  Post a comment
The XB6 is turning into a lean, mean IoT machine.
AT&T Wants to Ditch the Dish
News Analysis  | 
9/13/2017  |  14 comments
More OTT this way comes.
Fall Is a TV (Industry) Lover's Delight
MariNation  | 
9/12/2017  |  5 comments
Forget back to school. Let's get back to TV with a rush of fall industry updates.
Charter Reveals New Details on 4G/5G Trials
News Analysis  | 
9/12/2017  |  3 comments
Samsung is a key partner for Charter not only in its 5G trials, but also in tests of 4G small cell equipment that could play a role in the cable company's launch of a new mobile service in 2018.
What's the IoT Plan, Verizon?
News Analysis  | 
9/11/2017  |  Post a comment
For Verizon, IoT is all about the network. Except when it's about anything and everything else.
Boom! Hulu Just Blew Up the TV Bundle
MariNation  | 
9/8/2017  |  8 comments
Maybe TV doesn't have to be just TV anymore.
Comment: Re: DOX is off - msilbey - 9/7/2017
Amdocs Wins Altice USA in Whopper of a Deal
News Analysis  | 
9/7/2017  |  3 comments
Multi-year deal marks Amdocs as a top partner for Altice USA as the cable company embarks on a significant transition period.
Wi-Fi Alliance Levels Up With Vantage 2.0
News Analysis  | 
9/7/2017  |  Post a comment
Managed networks are the 'new normal.'
Cisco Quantifies Cable Automation ROI
News Analysis  | 
9/6/2017  |  1 comment
Cisco projects quantifiable ROI with its Smart PHY automation software for cable access networks.

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