Realizing ICN as a Network Slice for Mobile Data Distribution

Network slicing in 5G allows the potential introduction of new network architectures such as Information-centric Networks (ICN) as a slice, managed over a shared pool of compute, storage and bandwidth resource. Services over an ICN slice can benefit from many architectural features such as Name Based Networking, Security, Multicasting, Multi-homing, Mobility, Caching and In-network Computing. With the current move towards Application defined or Service Centric Networking, ICN offers very rich naming abstractions common to both the application and the network itself, allowing efficient delivery of services while offering significant bandwidth efficiency, low latency service delivery and even support Ad hoc communication catering to vehicular scenarios.
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6/19/2017 | 10:40:46 AM
ICN development and leadership
Nice to see others in the industry working on ICN and network slicing.  Those interested in more in advanced information on both subjects should visit Cisco or reach out to their Cisco contacts.  This past February, at MWC-Barcelona 2017, Cisco announced the acquisition of CCN IPR and platform from PARC Labs.  Cisco also made this IPR open to all who wish to work on this exciting technology.  Cisco has been building on our own expertise to make ICN work seamlessly within existing IP networks (rather than riding on top or tunneling which is far less efficient).  If you are interested in ICN or network slicing, partner with the industry leaders - Cisco.
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