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By Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, 12/14/2016
The City of Atlanta will wrap up three Requests for Information (RFI) next week, including queries on a planned municipal fiber build, a new WiFi deployment and a smart city project that ...
By Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, 8/18/2016
It's sometimes hard to see the method in the madness of local government, but a renaissance in city planning is creating shape around strategies that municipal governments are using to ...
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 5/5/2016
The push to deploy fiber in the local loop is accelerating, given all the gaga over gigabit, but network operators are still facing definite and sometimes difficult choices about when to ...
By Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 5/4/2016
Just in case you missed the formal announcement late last month, Light Reading and NCTC have struck a deal to create and market multimedia content for smaller and independent cable ...
By Light Reading, 4/15/2016
Venessa Harrison, president of North Carolina for AT&T, tells how the company will expand its GigaPower service beyond the seven N.C. cities it already serves.

  • This blog, sponsored by AT&T, is the second part of a ten-part series examining next-generation broadband technologies titled "Behind the Speeds."
  • By Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 4/14/2016
    Eddy Barker, assistant VP of technical design & architecture for AT&T, outlines his company's intent to use new G.fast standard as well as next-gen PON to deliver gigabit service.
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    By Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 4/13/2016
    Matt Hayes, executive director of access engineering for Cox Communications, outlines Cox's plans to use both GPON over fiber and DOCSIS 3.1 over HFC to deliver 1-Gig speeds.
    By Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 4/13/2016
    MCNC President & CEO Jean Davis explains her group's quest to wire all of North Carolina with dark fiber for gigabit service, especially the state's rural and outlying areas.
    By Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, 4/12/2016
    Gigi Sohn, counselor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, outlines the Commission's priorities for the next ten months and talks about the interplay between public and private broadband investment at Gigabit Cities Live in Charlotte, N.C.
    By Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, 4/12/2016
    The city of Charlotte, N.C., is in the enviable position of having both AT&T and Google Fiber competing to provide gigabit services to residents in the region. CIO Jeff Stovall talks about the benefits of gigabit broadband, but also what else is needed to make sure gigabit services deliver economic and social benefit.
    By Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, 4/8/2016
    Welcome to a very special episode (er, edition) of Gigabites. This week, EPB lays out its 100-Gig roadmap, schools study their options for gigabit applications, Santa Cruz preps for ...
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    Mile High in Denver

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    The SCTE Cable-Tec Expo show in Denver takes LR's Alan Breznick to the next level. The event brought out insights into DOCSIS 3.1, cable's fiber investments and virtualization... and the other side of Alan.
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    Infinera Xceed Software Suite: Evolution & Latest Developments

    10|20|17   |     |   (0) comments

    THE HAGUE -- Sten Nordell, CTO of the Metro Business Group at Infinera, and Ray LeMaistre, International Group Editor of Light Reading, discuss the latest developments in Infinera's Xceed Software Suite and its Layer 1 and Layer 2 applications. Xceed supports the open data models and open APIs that network operators need to achieve multi-vendor integration into ...
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    How Zain Is Transforming to NFC

    10|20|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Zain's transformation plan and the key lesson learned for a successful implementation of NFV.
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    How OpenStack Enables the Telco Cloud

    10|20|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Ofer Ben-Yacov discusses the development of OpenStack for carrier-grade services.
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    Evolution of NFVi on the Road to 5G

    10|20|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Jiang Xue on NFV deployment and the evolution towards 5G.
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    A 3-Layer Network & the 'Last 10 Meters' – Light Reading Reports from UBBF China

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    HANGZHOU -- The Ultra-Broadband Forum is an annual event organized by the UN Broadband Commission and Huawei. Keynote speakers including Arash Ashouriha from Deutsche Telekom and Basse Hanno, 20th Century Fox Film Corp., addressed topics such as customer experience and the massive increase in video traffic across networks. Other speakers advocated the ...
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    Modern Solutions for Modern Service Providers

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    Dell EMC provides service providers with a modern, open, disaggregated set of solutions from core to edge, allowing them to remove proprietary infrastructure, decrease capex and automate operation as they deliver new services and applications to their customers.
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    The Telecoms.com Podcast: Game of Phones

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    LONDON, 10/17/2017 – This week we welcome guest podder Jesse from TV business title TBI to talk about how video content is distributed and monetized, and what lesson the telecoms world can learn in its apparent desperation to move in that direction. Jamie is back from his latest travels and brings us news of what was discussed at the Nordic Digital Business ...
    Telecom Innovators Video Showcase
    Nominum & Security for Small to Midsized Businesses

    10|16|17   |   08:04   |   (0) comments

    REDWOOD CITY, 10/16/2017 – Arlen Frew discusses the latest security innovations Nominum is working on, from credential threats to encryption theft secured by their latest software that monitors Internet activity and potential malware within a group of employees.
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    Light Reading Explores Software-Defined Capacity With Infinera

    10|11|17   |     |   (0) comments

    DENVER, 10/11/2017 – At the Light Reading NFV and Carrier SDN event in Denver, Craig Matsumoto, Light Reading's editor in chief, sat down with Mark Showalter, Infinera's senior director of software product marketing, to discuss the role of software-defined capacity for optical networks.
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    AT&T: Designing Hardware for the Cloud

    10|11|17   |   06:19   |   (2) comments

    DENVER, 10/11/2017 – Hardware is simplified, and cloud-based software is distributed as micro-services across many servers, so failure of one isn't impactful, says Tom Anschutz, distinguished member of technical staff at AT&T. In support of this new approach, AT&T is submitting its hardware designs to the Open Compute Project including, most recently, its XGS-PON ...
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    Technology & Test: Preparing for 5G

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    SAN FRANCISCO, 10/10/2017 – As LTE rapidly moves towards 5G, companies must prepare and transition in order to handle advanced features and standards. In this informative video, Anritsu provides insight into the technology and capabilities evolution to 5G as well as the considerations and impact on test and measurement moving forward.