Can We Outrun the AI Job-Apocalypse?

Mitch Wagner
Wagner’s Ring
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) still can't tell us whether AI will take all the jobs. AI can do a lot of things, but it still can't do that.

Economists and computer scientists have been warning for years that as artificial intelligence gets smarter, it will start to put big chunks of people out of work. Not just people who work with their hands, in factories and warehouses, but knowledge workers too. People with desk jobs.

AI helps find insights in warehouses of seemingly unrelated data. It searches legal documents for discovery. And it can even diagnose cancer. These are all things that, until recently, only human beings could do.

As AI learns to do more and more work, will there be any more work for humans to do?

This has policy-makers and journalists concerned. A cynic might say that it's because policy-makers and journalists are knowledge workers, and they're worried about their own jobs.

The question has us at Light Reading concerned too, so we decided to look into it. We talked to experts, read research papers and went back in history literally thousands of years, looking for precedents.

Find out more about what we learned here: Will AI Create More Jobs Than It Destroys?

— Mitch Wagner, Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor, Light Reading Enterprise Cloud

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