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In Light Reading's 2011 Fall Salary Survey of more than 2,500 telecom professionals, including 700 service providers, we learned that stabilizing salaries weren't enough to restore optimism in the communications industry.

Though the full 11-page report is available here for registered users, we'd like to make the raw questions and answers available to you as well. Before we kick off our third annual salary survey later this year, please enjoy this slide show recap of the October 2011 survey.

Click the image below to open the slide show, then navigate using the buttons above each image:

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— The Editors, Light Reading

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User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:49 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

Not actually on this specific slide show, but is it only me who gets really fed up of having to scroll down on every new slide to see it in full, or am I just missing something. 

User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:48 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

Our slide shows usually don't require scrolling but, frankly, we can still do better. Our tech team is working on a much slicker presentation that's closer to what you'd see on a photography Web site, with higher resolution images and a much better overall navigation. I'll update you soon on how this is going. 

Also, we're about to send out a reader survey soon that canvasses folks like you to give folks like me a list of stuff to fix in our content as well as our navigation, presesntation and so on. Please look for that and don't hold back.

In the meantime, I'm at Don't be a stranger.

User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:45 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

Please avoid using "Telecom Salary" and "Slide" in the title.  It scares people who don't read linearly.

User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:44 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

Nice one!

User Rank: Blogger
12/5/2012 | 5:30:43 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

We shouldn't admit this, but there's also the trick of entering "0" in the URL for picture number if you want to sell thumbnails all on one page.

User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:41 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

Thanks Phil for this presentation. Although there is not much difference between 2010 and 2011, but 2012 will see a lot of headcount reduction, employee dissatisfacion increasing etc. You could have added organization wise pie chart containing optimism among emplyees for their organization like % of employee expecting growth, salary increase , etc.

Also looking forward from lightreading some comparitive charts among big  Telecom Vendors related to WORLD LTE MARKET SHARE,  REGION WISE LTE/3G MARKET SHARE, PROFIT/LOSS IN FINANCIAL YEAR ETC.


User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:17 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

One thing I found interesting is the relationship between slides 11 and 12. In 2010 38% of respondents picked a staff increase for the next year, and 15% a decrease. Previously they had experienced a 35% increase (very close) and 29% decrease (quite different).

In 2011 the actual increase was 39% (almost exactly as estimated) while the reduction was 28%, the same as the previous year, but far off estimation. However people were still optimistically predicting only a 16% reduction for 2012.

In effect, good news (staff increase) is known in advance, bad news (staff decrease) sneaks up quietly, even if people have experienced it before.

At least job satisfaction and pay have increased the past couple of years.

asad ismail
asad ismail,
User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 5:30:02 PM
re: Telecom Salary Survey Slide Show

i know dear 

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