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Women in Comms -- About Us

Our Mission
There is a well-documented gender imbalance in the communications industry, stemming from our industry's traditional recruiting processes, company culture and unconscious biases that often have their roots in the boardroom. Light Reading's Women in Comms (WiC) initiative was started in 2014 with a simple mission: redress the gender imbalance in the next-gen communications industry.

Through a series of networking breakfast events and online at our dedicated WiC site, we've tackled everything from how the evolution in technology is affecting women; to the realities of being female in the STEM industry; to how to attract more women into the communications sector; to crafting a company culture that empowers, respects and promotes women.

To take things to the next level, Women in Comms joined forces with nearly 40 (and growing!) communications service providers, vendors and industry associations across the globe in January 2016.

Along the journey to gender equality in comms, WiC will serve as the "water cooler" for women, both online and through live events. We educate women through news, analysis and interviews on subjects of interest to women in the industry; advise women through mentorships and access to top females in the industry; help individuals build rewarding career paths; and connect companies with qualified female candidates in the comms field.

We plan to help bolster the pool of qualified female candidates in the comms industry, empower women currently in the industry and, ultimately, create a work environment that's better and more equitable for women.

Serving Three Primary Functions:

Light Reading's dedicated Women in Comms website keeps our mission alive in the digital world year-round. The site features exclusive content on women in the industry and the issues they face, radio shows, "Mentor Monday" Q&As, advice, a live events calendar, a discussion board to create an ongoing dialogue and much more.

Videos are also a large component of the WiC site, highlighting top female executives from across the industry through recorded interviews with women from around the globe, video blogs chronicling news and analysis of the industry and more.

Women in Comms hosts regular networking breakfast events around the world, culminating with our biggest event of the year, the Big Communications Event in Austin, Texas, coming up in May. Past Women in Comms breakfasts have consistently drawn crowds of 50 to 100 female executives, the majority of whom are senior level and from service providers. The mornings include breakfast, a keynote speaker, a service provider panel and plenty of time for networking.

Feedback from past breakfast events:

"It was a great morning. I especially enjoyed the panel and how they tackled real issues like the "sticky floor/glass ceiling" instead of just acknowledging that it exists. None of the panelists were held back by it, and it was inspiring to hear their stories." — Meredith, Pandora

"This was a great opportunity to network. I came away with an important new business connection, as well as ideas on how to advance my career and help other women do the same." — Jenny, Vibes Media

"I've been to other women's events before, but none with the degree of great content that this one had. It was inspiring, encouraging and informative. The speaker line up was really impressive, and I especially enjoyed the opening remarks from Chicago CIO Brenna Berman." — Katie, IBM

WiC connects women who are navigating their careers in the comms industry with professionals in leadership positions via live events, advice columns and online chats. WiC will open the lines of communication to senior level executives at in-person events and online via our online community, incorporating social media amplification.

Join WiC today and help us redress the gender imbalance! For more information, please contact:

Sarah Thomas
Women in Comms

Join us and make a REAL difference for Women in Comms!

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Allison Kirkby, president and group CEO of Tele2, spoke with Ray Le Maistre, editor-in-chief of Light Reading, about the fourth Industrial Revolution, the impact it will have on businesses and society in general and the challenges it will bring for service providers.
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