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Emerging Market Opportunities for Wearable Tech
Last Message: 10/31/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Verizon Perma Cookies?
Last Message: 10/31/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Live from London – OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV
Last Message: 10/28/2014
 |  Comments: 2
Last Message: 10/24/2014
 |  Comments: 4
Sprint WiMax Shutdown on Nov 6: Not Really News, Is It??
Last Message: 10/18/2014
 |  Comments: 3
A Second Chance
Last Message: 10/10/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Unintended consequences
Last Message: 9/25/2014
 |  Comments: 6
Ellison Sails Away
Last Message: 9/25/2014
 |  Comments: 2
Last Message: 9/17/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Portals Perish
Last Message: 9/16/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Take the lead from Frankie
Last Message: 9/3/2014
 |  Comments: 1
8/21 Live Chat -- NFV in the Data Center
Last Message: 8/21/2014
 |  Comments: 269
Chat Subject Matter
Last Message: 8/18/2014
 |  Comments: 1
All about the context
Last Message: 8/14/2014
 |  Comments: 3
Penguin Recovery Jeet Review and Demo
Last Message: 8/13/2014
 |  Comments: 1
CBS is going OTT
Last Message: 8/9/2014
 |  Comments: 3
Fabulous To See The IPO Vibrancy
Last Message: 7/31/2014
 |  Comments: 2
Level 3 to buy TW Telecom
Last Message: 6/30/2014
 |  Comments: 2
Aereo Flash Poll
Last Message: 6/30/2014
 |  Comments: 4
Profile Picture
Last Message: 6/25/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Last Message: 5/30/2014
 |  Comments: 12
Aloha Google!
Last Message: 5/28/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Aereo Case
Last Message: 5/22/2014
 |  Comments: 9
Kick (in the nuts) Starter
Last Message: 5/21/2014
 |  Comments: 11
Telecom Family Tree
Last Message: 5/12/2014
 |  Comments: 1
No internet
Last Message: 4/28/2014
 |  Comments: 6
Will SDN Help to Break Enterprise WLAN Silos?
Last Message: 4/10/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Heart Bleed Exploit is Live
Last Message: 4/10/2014
 |  Comments: 2
OSS BSS for small operator
Last Message: 4/9/2014
 |  Comments: 11
Hacked off
Last Message: 3/31/2014
 |  Comments: 6
A Solid Start...But?
Last Message: 3/5/2014
 |  Comments: 9
Last Message: 2/25/2014
 |  Comments: 3
Last Message: 2/24/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Toxic Twitter?
Last Message: 2/21/2014
 |  Comments: 11
Pizza Fight!!!
Last Message: 2/21/2014
 |  Comments: 4
T&M technologies can boost Capex Reduction in Networks!
Last Message: 2/19/2014
 |  Comments: 1
Last Message: 2/13/2014
 |  Comments: 4
Last Message: 2/6/2014
 |  Comments: 2
Re: Intune Networks Now? Whats Next?
Last Message: 2/4/2014
 |  Comments: 3
Cosmic Justice?
Last Message: 1/30/2014
 |  Comments: 5
Mobile World Congress - WIIGF?
Last Message: 1/22/2014
 |  Comments: 10
Live Chat -- Putting Big Data to Work
Last Message: 1/22/2014
 |  Comments: 80
Appeals court rules against FCC on net neutrality
Last Message: 1/14/2014
 |  Comments: 2
Just for the start of my post!
Last Message: 1/13/2014
 |  Comments: 2
IoT - a $19 Trillion opportunity?
Last Message: 1/10/2014
 |  Comments: 3
Penguins on CNN?
Last Message: 1/6/2014
 |  Comments: 3
US Wireless Carriers to Become Innovators Again in 2014?
Last Message: 1/2/2014
 |  Comments: 7
Are Operators Listening to Their Staff?
Last Message: 12/31/2013
 |  Comments: 5
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Flash Poll
From The Founder
It's clear to me that the communications industry is divided into two types of people, and only one is living in the real world.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Interview With Rick Talbot, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis

10|31|14   |   2:12   |   (0) comments

At the NFV Open Cloud Forum 2014, Rick Talbot shared his positive feedback about the holistic and open approach that Huawei adopts for SDN and NFV. He also found the open sharing at the event valuable as it features different perspectives from Huawei experts, telecom operators, industry analysts as well as security experts.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Interview With David Snow, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis

10|31|14   |   2:24   |   (0) comments

David Snow talked about his understanding of Huawei and its SoftCOM strategy at the NFV Open Cloud Forum 2014, saying that Huawei's wide approach combining IT and CT expertise, introducing big data and analytics into solutions and contributing to the OpenStack community particularly resonate with him and make the company stand out in the industry.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Interview With Roz Roseboro, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading

10|31|14   |   3:13   |   (0) comments

Roz Roseboro commented on Huawei's data center capabilities and NFV solutions at the NFV Open Cloud Forum 2014, saying that in addition to covering all three key domains of compute, storage and networking, the company also emphasizes the importance of management capabilities and professional services, which are essential in making NFV a reality.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Interview With Michael Howard, Co-founder & Principal Analyst, Infonetics Research

10|31|14   |   5:25   |   (0) comments

Michael Howard talked about SDN, NFV, and OpenStack adoption at Huawei's NFV Open Cloud Forum 2014. Particularly, he pointed out that Virtual Enterprise CPE is the top NFV use case that operators plan to invest in over 2014 and 2015 to deliver new enterprise services through virtualized functions.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Interview With Jerry Caron, Senior Vice President, Current Analysis

10|31|14   |   3:11   |   (0) comments

At Huawei's NFV Open Cloud Forum 2014, Jerry Caron from Current Analysis said that orchestration and management are key to realizing SDN and NFV for global carriers, and the approach that Huawei is taking, with its FusionSphere Cloud OS at the core, is in the right direction to address the challenges.
LRTV Documentaries
Broadband Battles

10|31|14   |   01:39   |   (0) comments

This year's Broadband World Forum featured a number of show floor battles focused on access gear, components and coffee.
Mobile Backhaul: Going to the Dark Side?

10|30|14   |   2:26   |   (1) comment

Heavy Reading's Patrick Donegan shares his view on a dark trend that bubbled up at Light Reading's annual backhaul conference in NYC.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
2014 Huawei Electric Power Industry Summit: Interview With CEO of SwitchCom

10|30|14   |   4:13   |   (0) comments

SwitchCom, an IT company based in Angola, recommends a variety of Huawei solutions and hardware to their customers in the energy industry.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
2014 Huawei Electric Power Industry Summit: Interview With Ethiopia's Ministry of Water Irrigation & Energy

10|30|14   |   4:08   |   (0) comments

Gosaye Mengistie of Ethiopia's Ministry of Water Irrigation & Energy discusses the collaboration with Huawei in that country.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
2014 Huawei Electric Power Industry Summit: Interview with Dongfang Electronics Corporation

10|30|14   |   5:46   |   (0) comments

Dongfang Electronics Corporation, headquartered in Chengdu, China, is one of China's largest manufacturers of power generators and contractors of power station projects.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
2014 Huawei Electric Power Industry Summit: Interview with Zimbabwe's Customers

10|30|14   |   3:31   |   (0) comments

Representatives of Zimbabwe's Ministry of Power and Development discuss the energy needs of their country as well as new areas of improvement due to enhanced ICT capabilities.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
2014 Huawei Electric Power Industry Summit: Interview With Colbún Chile

10|30|14   |   4:29   |   (0) comments

In Chile, an aging energy infrastructure was in dire need of a modern update. Claudio Valenzuela of Colbún discusses how Huawei's ICT solutions continue to provide crucial information to improve the grid and how an in-country engineer is a cricial asset.
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