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Women Leaders Can Increase Profitability – Peterson Institute
News Wire Feed  | 
2/9/2016  |  Post a comment
Survey of 21,980 publicly traded companies in 91 countries shows the presence of more female leaders in top positions correlates with increased profitability.
India Deals Death Blow to Facebook's Free Basics
News Analysis  | 
2/8/2016  |  2 comments
Indian authorities have joined the US and Europe in passing net neutrality legislation.
WiCipedia: Faulty Feminism, Worthy Women & Peculiar Perks
Que Sera Sarah  | 
2/5/2016  |  5 comments
This week in WiC: Bloomberg debates the merits of women's conferences; Europe's 1,000 woman boardlist goes live; Glassdoor outlines some unique job perks; and more.
India Operators Lash Out at 700MHz Plans
News Analysis  | 
2/5/2016  |  Post a comment
A government decision to auction 700MHz spectrum at high prices this year has met with a furious backlash from operators.
Vodafone CEO: I Want a Piece of Openreach
News Analysis  | 
2/4/2016  |  2 comments
Vodafone is fretting over its network position in the fast-changing UK telecom market and wants the chance to take a stake in an independent Openreach, currently part of BT.
Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2015 - 2020
Infographics  | 
2/3/2016  |  Post a comment
Cisco's latest VNI numbers suggest the world will be using 366.8 exabytes of data on smartphones and Internet of Things devices, up from 44.2 exabytes, in 2015.
NIA's Latest NFV Test Program Opens for Business
News Analysis  | 
2/3/2016  |  1 comment
The second phase of the New IP Agency's independent evaluation program, focused on VNF Management, is signing up participants.
Intel Closed the Gender Pay Gap in 2015
News Analysis  | 
2/3/2016  |  1 comment
Women at Intel now make the same as their male counterparts, a step in the right direction as the company completes year one of a five-year diversity plan.
Aircel Implements Infobip's A2P Platform
News Analysis  | 
2/1/2016  |  Post a comment
Aircel is hoping a deal with Infobip will spur renewed interest in its messaging services.
RJio's Big Small Cells Vision
News Analysis  | 
1/31/2016  |  1 comment
RJio has announced plans for a major investment in small cell technology.
WiCipedia: Equality, Fashion & Dads
Que Sera Sarah  | 
1/29/2016  |  5 comments
For our inaugural WiC weekly roundup: Facebook's leaders set good examples; the brogammer fashion debate; Intel's Africa outreach; and more.
Why Vodafone India Wants YOU Broadband
News Analysis  | 
1/28/2016  |  2 comments
Acquiring ISPs with fiber assets could make sense for India's mobile operators.
Employers Not Inspiring Loyalty in Millennial Women
Que Sera Sarah  | 
1/28/2016  |  12 comments
Deloitte's survey of 7,700 Millennials suggests that their motivations and priorities are different from those of their older colleagues, as is their sense of loyalty to their employer.
STM Backing Out of Set-Top IC Biz
News Analysis  | 
1/27/2016  |  4 comments
Exhausted by flagging business for semiconductors for advanced set-top boxes, the company will cease developing new products and reassign hundreds of employees to other units.
Ericsson Shares Tumble Despite Profit Growth
News Analysis  | 
1/27/2016  |  9 comments
Profitability improvements at Ericsson do not appear to have assuaged investor concern about its emerging-market and IP networking prospects.
Ericsson Reports Q4, Full-Year Results
News Wire Feed  | 
1/27/2016  |  Post a comment
Helped by currency exchange fluctuations, Ericsson reports an increase in its fourth quarter and full year revenues for 2015.
New IP Agency Launches With Massive Industry Support
News Wire Feed  | 
1/26/2016  |  Post a comment
Service providers Deutsche Telekom, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, XO Communications plus major IP vendors part of initial set of members.
Ciena Aims Blue Planet at Indian SDN, NFV
News Analysis  | 
1/24/2016  |  1 comment
Optical and Ethernet equipment maker is already piloting SDN and NFV technologies with Indian operators.
Netflix Aces Q4
News Analysis  | 
1/20/2016  |  2 comments
Netflix beats the street as it goes for global reach.
RJio & RCom Enter Spectrum-Sharing Pact
News Analysis  | 
1/18/2016  |  Post a comment
A spectrum agreement between the two operators is fueling speculation they are planning a merger.
Global Set-Top Shipments up in 2015
News Wire Feed  | 
1/15/2016  |  Post a comment
Set-top shipments continued to rise in 2015 thanks largely to demand in emerging markets.
Vodafone Awards LTE Deal to Nokia – Reports
News Analysis  | 
1/14/2016  |  2 comments
The Finnish vendor is still thriving in India, thanks partly to a new 4G deal with Vodafone.
Finn de Siècle for Alcatel-Lucent
Shades of Ray  | 
1/14/2016  |  8 comments
Alcatel-Lucent has become part of Nokia, spelling the end for two of the giant brands of the legacy telecom era.
Orange Buys Airtel Ops in Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone
News Analysis  | 
1/13/2016  |  Post a comment
French operator says it has sealed deal for Airtel assets just a day after announcing its planned takeover of Cellcom Liberia.
NAGRA & OpenTV Back Digital Cable Launch in India
News Wire Feed  | 
1/12/2016  |  Post a comment
NAGRA enables Venkata Sai Media to offer digital cable TV to local cable operators across the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India.
What's Next for Netflix
News Analysis  | 
1/11/2016  |  2 comments
With its streaming video service now available in an astounding 190 countries across the globe, Netflix is close to ruling the world. So what will it do for an encore?
India Unlikely to Attract Foreign Telcos
News Analysis  | 
1/8/2016  |  2 comments
Despite recent consolidation, India will have a hard time attracting foreign telcos.
Netflix: The Birth of a Global TV Network
News Analysis  | 
1/6/2016  |  2 comments
The TV industry just went global.
RJio Sputters Into Lyf With 4G 'Launch'
News Analysis  | 
1/6/2016  |  Post a comment
India's new entrant has taken the wraps off its 4G service, but only for employees of its parent company.
Video Industry Finally Defines 4K
News Analysis  | 
1/5/2016  |  3 comments
The Ultra HD Alliance has published its specification that defines the minimum requirements for what qualifies as ultra HD.
Ericsson HR Dumps Good, Bad Hiring Buckets
Mentor Monday  | 
12/28/2015  |  7 comments
When it comes to recruiting and promoting, Ericsson's HR VP says companies need to make sure they're not falling back on fight-or-flight habits like categorizing candidates.
India's RCom in Talks to Buy Aircel
News Analysis  | 
12/22/2015  |  1 comment
India's fourth-biggest mobile operator is in discussions to acquire Aircel.
RCom & RJio Up Virtualization Stakes
News Analysis  | 
12/22/2015  |  1 comment
RCom and RJio may have a big advantage over their rivals when it comes to the rollout of New IP technologies.
India's RJio to Launch 4G in 10 Circles by End-2015
News Analysis  | 
12/17/2015  |  1 comment
RJio is set to introduce 4G services in parts of India this month and remains confident that VoLTE will give it the edge over its rivals.
Akamai State of the Internet Shows Average Speeds Up 14%
News Wire Feed  | 
12/16/2015  |  Post a comment
Average connection speeds are up globally, but average peak connection speeds declined slightly in the quarter.
NFV Interop Test: Key Takeaways
LRTV Interviews  | 
12/15/2015  |  1 comment
Light Reading's CEO and founder Steve Saunders talks about the recent groundbreaking NFV interoperability evaluation with Editor-in-Chief Ray Le Maistre. The full test report is available now: Simply click on the following title, EXCLUSIVE! NFV Interop Evaluation Results .
Is It Advantage RJio in Virtualization Race?
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2015  |  1 comment
India's 4G new entrant could have the edge over its incumbent rivals when it comes to rolling out NFV.
Mozilla Abandons Smartphones, Turns to IoT
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2015  |  7 comments
Mozilla's great hopes for its Firefox OS in the affordable smartphone sector were dashed by Android's dominance, so now it's focused on IoT.
4G Might Lead Telcos Into Debt Trap
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2015  |  Post a comment
The need to ramp up spending on 4G networks poses risks for India's mobile operators.
NFV Test Report Is a Gamechanger
Shades of Ray  | 
12/9/2015  |  2 comments
The multivendor NFV interoperability test report just published by Light Reading provides fantastic insights into NFV advances and challenges.
EXCLUSIVE! NFV Interop Evaluation Results
Prime Reading  | 
12/8/2015  |  2 comments
Get your hands on the results of the first New IP Agency (NIA) NFV Interoperability Evaluation, focused on multivendor NFV infrastructure (NFVi) and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) interoperability.
Light Reading Launches Virtuapedia, the Ultimate Resource for CSP Virtualization
News Wire Feed  | 
12/7/2015  |  Post a comment
Light Reading has launched Virtuapedia, a groundbreaking web-based initiative that catalogs, explains and ties together a massive array of information related to virtualization.
Bharti's $9B Network Splurge in India
News Analysis  | 
11/30/2015  |  1 comment
India's biggest operator is to embark on a major network upgrade as mobile broadband competition intensifies.
4G Drives Telco Capex in India
News Analysis  | 
11/27/2015  |  2 comments
India's operators are committing ever-greater sums to the expansion and modernization of data networks.
Jury Still Out on 'Ciscosson' – Reader Poll
News Analysis  | 
11/23/2015  |  2 comments
The partnership between Cisco and Ericsson has divided opinion amongst the Light Reading community.
Indian Telcos Start Exploring SDN & NFV
News Analysis  | 
11/23/2015  |  2 comments
With the rollout of higher-speed and costlier networks, India's operators are being forced to look more seriously at SDN and NFV.
RJio Delays 4G Launch Yet Again
News Analysis  | 
11/16/2015  |  1 comment
A delay to the launch of 4G services by India's RJio could be an opportunity for its rivals.
Magic Quadrant or Gartner 'Graft'?
News Analysis  | 
11/12/2015  |  5 comments
Gartner's Magic Quadrant still holds the tech industry under its spell but some companies have had enough of what they allege is a flawed process that at least one company describes as a 'pay-to-play' model.
Cisco + Ericsson: Analyst Reactions
Prime Reading  | 
11/11/2015  |  6 comments
The 'Ciscosson' strategic partnership has sent shock waves across the industry. So what do various industry observers have to say?
Small Cell Forum Publishes 'State of Nation' Report
News Wire Feed  | 
11/10/2015  |  Post a comment
The Small Cell Forum has published a report that brings together three pieces of research to provide a market overview.
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From The Founder
Light Reading sits down at CES with the head of Cisco's service provider video business, Conrad Clemson, to discuss how NFV and cloud security relate to video, the challenge of managing 4K/8K traffic, the global expansion of Netflix and virtual reality.
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Live Streaming Video
CLOUD / MANAGED SERVICES: Prepping Ethernet for the Cloud
Moderator: Ray LeMaistre Panelists: Jeremy Bye, Leonard Sheahan
LRTV Documentaries
EANTC Tests Nokia IP Routing & Mobile Gateway VNFs for Real World Deployment

2|9|16   |   5:08   |   (0) comments

Nokia obtained validation of its virtualized router and virtualized mobile gateway capabilities through rigorous testing performed by EANTC. The results set a new industry benchmark for outstanding performance, scalability, resiliency and manageability. Nokia VNFs are ready for telco cloud deployment, so that service providers can accelerate mobile, business and ...
Between the CEOs
CEO Chat With Level 3's Jack Waters

2|8|16   |   26:15   |   (1) comment

Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders sits down with Level 3 Communications' CTO Jack Waters to discuss hot topics like virtualization, 4K and the future of telecom...
LRTV Custom TV
The Composable Telco

2|8|16   |   24:46   |   (0) comments

Heavy Reading's Principal Analyst Caroline Chappell presents the keynote at Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Dublin.
LRTV Custom TV
Join Us at the Digital Operations Transformation Summit

2|4|16   |   03:52   |   (0) comments

The Digital Operations Transformation Summit on February 21, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona Fira Centre will bring together 50 senior executives to engage in a unique debate on the opportunities and challenges presented by the transformative evolving digital landscape. RSVP now at
LRTV Custom TV
Making the Test: ADVA Ensemble Connector vs. Open vSwitch

2|4|16   |   01:28   |   (0) comments

Light Reading, in partnership with EANTC, recently tested ADVA's Ensemble Connector, which replaces open vSwitch and offers carrier-grade capability and interoperability. The test results strengthen ADVA's credibility as a provider in the virtualization space.
LRTV Custom TV
Bridging the Gap Between PoCs & Deployment in NFV

2|4|16   |   31:50   |   (0) comments

Charlie Ashton of Wind River presents the keynote at Light Reading's 2020 Vision executive summit in Dublin.
Between the CEOs
CEO Chat With Mike Aquino

2|3|16   |   17:34   |   (0) comments

The former CEO of Overture Networks, Mike Aquino, discusses why truly open virtualization solutions provide service providers with the greatest choice.
Shades of Ray
MWC: Buckle Up for 5G & the IIoT

2|2|16   |   02:28   |   (0) comments

This year's Mobile World Congress looks set to be a 5G land grab and a chance to get down and dirty with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – but what will the 5G discussions actually be about?
LRTV Custom TV
Case Study: Building China's Next-Gen TV Networks

2|2|16   |   5:01   |   (0) comments

With over 2 billion viewers worldwide, Shenzhen Media Group is one of China's largest content producers. By partnering with Huawei and Sobey, SZMG was able to modernize media operations with the Converged News Center, a production studio that is a model for next-generation workflows.
LRTV Custom TV
Quad Channel Modulator Driver with 46 Gbaud Capability from MACOM

1|28|16   |     |   (0) comments

MACOM's MAOM-003427 is the industry's first surface-mount modulator driver with 46 Gbaud capability to support next generation 200G and 400G applications.
LRTV Custom TV
Video Infographic: Validating Cisco's NFV Infrastructure

1|26|16   |   02:24   |   (1) comment

We all know that the network of the future will be virtual, but when will virtual become a reality? This video infographic covers the four key areas in which Light Reading, in partnership with EANTC, tested Cisco's NFV infrastructure: performance, reliability, multi-service capabilities and single pane of glass management.

For the full report, see

Between the CEOs
CEO Chat With Phil McKinney, CableLabs

1|22|16   |   13:36   |   (1) comment

At CES in Las Vegas, we met with Phil McKinney, CEO of CableLabs. Phil provides an update on the rollout of DOCSIS 3.1, his views on the future of open source and how consumer interest in virtual reality could affect network traffic.
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Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders sits down with Level 3 Communications' CTO Jack Waters to discuss hot topics like virtualization, 4K and the future of telecom...
The former CEO of Overture Networks, Mike Aquino, discusses why truly open virtualization solutions provide service providers with the greatest choice.
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Broadband speeds are ramping up across Europe as the continent, at its own pace, follows North America towards a gigabit society. But there are many steps to take on the road to gigabit broadband availability and a number of technology options that can meet the various requirements of Europe’s high-speed fixed broadband network operators. During this radio show we will look at some of the catalysts for broadband network investments and examine the menu of technology options on offer, including vectoring and for copper plant evolution and the various deployment possibilities for FTTH/B.