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Eurobites: Q1 Core Profits Down at Telefónica
News Analysis  | 
4/29/2016  |  2 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica upgrades metro networks with Huawei; Telenor execs cleared over Uzbekgate; MTS offers towers for rent.
Eurobites: Hong Kong Operator Buys Europe's Linx Telecom
News Analysis  | 
4/28/2016  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: ESA, Viasat launch High Capacity Satellite Initiative; IoT collaboration in Belgium; Virgin Media's FTTP pledge; Telekom Austria's Q1; EE joins LTE Broadcast group.
CITIC Telecom to Acquire Linx Telecommunications
News Wire Feed  | 
4/28/2016  |  Post a comment
Acquisition will boost network service coverage in central & eastern Europe.
Telia Carrier Taps Infinera for California Expansion
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2016  |  Post a comment
New fiber route marks first deployment of Infinera's expanded metro 100G product line, including the newly integrated Transmode technology.
Infinera Reports Q1
News Wire Feed  | 
4/27/2016  |  Post a comment
GAAP revenue for the quarter was $244.8 million compared to $260 million in the fourth quarter of 2015 and $186.9 million in the first quarter of 2015.
So... What Do We Do Now?
LRTV Documentaries  | 
4/25/2016  |  Post a comment
After a long hiatus, Max Dingman, the CEO of a GeeGhiz, returns for a motivational board room pep talk.
Nokia + AlcaLu 2015: A Financial Retrospective
News Analysis  | 
4/22/2016  |  Post a comment
Want to know what Nokia's financials would have looked like if it had owned Alcatel-Lucent in 2015? Check this out.
ADVA Reports Q1
News Wire Feed  | 
4/21/2016  |  Post a comment
Quarterly revenues climb to €122 million, in line with guidance.
Ericsson Restructures as Sales, Gross Margins Falter in Q1
News Analysis  | 
4/21/2016  |  1 comment
Swedish equipment vendor announces dramatic plans to sharpen focus on cloud and IT after reporting a disappointing set of quarterly results.
Leading Lights 2016: Shortlists Announced
Shades of Ray  | 
4/20/2016  |  Post a comment
The judging is over and the Leading Lights 2016 shortlists have been published -- you can see who made the cut by clicking on this link.
Leading Lights 2016: The Finalists
Prime Reading  | 
4/20/2016  |  2 comments
Light Reading is proud to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards program, which is now in its 12th year.
Eurobites: Nokia Sales to Hit $26.5B in 2016 – Analyst
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2016  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA roundup: EU objects to Android; Swisscom touts mobile broadband breakthrough; Finnish smartphones ready to ship again.
Eurobites: BT Flags Up Cloud Salvo
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2016  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Europe's boffin cloud; Vodafone does FTTH in Italy; Africa-1 cable system takes shape.
Transition Unveils 40G QSFP+ Transceivers
News Wire Feed  | 
4/18/2016  |  Post a comment
New offering will allow network managers to cost-effectively upgrade their enterprise networks to accommodate newer, more data-intensive services, claims the vendor.
Huawei's Carrier Division Set to Dwarf Ericsson by 2018
News Analysis  | 
4/15/2016  |  16 comments
China's biggest network vendor is on course to be more than one and a half times as big as its main Western rival by 2018.
Hall of Fame 2016: Who's in the Running?
Shades of Ray  | 
4/13/2016  |  Post a comment
Who deserves to be welcomed into Light Reading's Hall of Fame this year? Let's take a look – and you can vote for your favorites.
Adtran Reports Q1
News Wire Feed  | 
4/12/2016  |  Post a comment
Adtran reports revenues of $142.2 million for the first quarter, about flat with a year ago, and net income of $5 million, up from $3.3 million.
Introducing the Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine: Bigger, Smaller, Better
LRTV Custom TV  | 
4/12/2016  |  Post a comment
The Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine provides a step function in optical networking performance and enables network operators to increase the security, reach and capacity of on-demand networks while reducing TCO.
Windstream Uses Infinera Inside the Data Center
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2016  |  2 comments
Connections between floors or suites of large data centers can prove expensive and cumbersome so Windstream is using pre-provisioned Cloud Xpress.
Juniper Issues Q1 Warning
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2016  |  1 comment
Reduced demand from enterprises and service provider deployment timing will cause Juniper to miss its previous guidance on revenue and income, the company said.
Eurobites: Merger of O2 & 3 Is a Bad Idea, UK Tells EC
News Analysis  | 
4/11/2016  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone Ireland completes 4G upgrade; UK's Daily Mail eyes Yahoo; Nokia appoints new president at subsea unit.
Eurobites: Vodafone Livid as German Regulator Approves DT's Vectoring Plans
News Analysis  | 
4/8/2016  |  Post a comment
Also in today's regional roundup: Orange appoints healthcare services chief; M&A in the UK's managed services sector; Spanish FTTH lines top 3.4 million; Ciena lands utility network deal in Germany.
Corning, GigPeak Engage in Components M&A
News Analysis  | 
4/8/2016  |  Post a comment
Optical fiber giant Corning is buying AFOP while GigPeak (who?) has completed the acquisition of video specialist Magnum Semiconductor.
Corning to Buy AFOP for $305M
News Wire Feed  | 
4/7/2016  |  Post a comment
Corning says the acquisition of Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFOP) will support its plan for growth in the cloud data center market.
CEO Chat: Nokia's Steve Vogelsang
Between the CEOs  | 
4/7/2016  |  5 comments
Steve Vogelsang, the CTO of IP and Optical Networks at Nokia and President of the New IP Agency, talks to Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders.
Huawei: New King of the CSP Market
News Analysis  | 
4/7/2016  |  9 comments
China's biggest equipment vendor has built up a huge lead over its Western rivals in the global communications service provider (CSP) network technology market.
Nokia to Slash Jobs Following AlcaLu Merger
News Analysis  | 
4/6/2016  |  2 comments
Finnish vendor begins job cuts process as it looks to reduce costs following its takeover of Alcatel-Lucent.
At Last, ZTE Reports 2015 Financials
News Analysis  | 
4/6/2016  |  1 comment
After a chastening month, ZTE publishes 2015 financials that reflect its ongoing spat with the US authorities, but which also show significant growth.
ZTE CTO Becomes New Boss in Reshuffle
News Analysis  | 
4/5/2016  |  1 comment
Chinese vendor carries out a management reshuffle, promoting its CTO into the leadership roles, as it looks to appease US authorities.
Be a WiC Leading Light, Like Hedy Lamarr!
Que Sera Sarah  | 
4/5/2016  |  3 comments
There's only a few days left to vote for the year's most inspiring woman in comms, female tech pioneer of the year and female-led startup to watch.
PCS Deploys Infinera's Fronthaul Gear in Malaysia
News Wire Feed  | 
4/4/2016  |  Post a comment
PCS deployed Infinera's Mobile Fronthaul Solution in its network to support customers as they migrate to the C-RAN architecture.
Huawei Profits Soar Despite Forex Hit
News Analysis  | 
4/1/2016  |  8 comments
Chinese vendor defies economic slowdown to post bumper profits thanks to sales of devices and 4G equipment.
Eurobites: ASN, Cinia Hit 18 Tbit/s in Subsea Tests
News Analysis  | 
3/30/2016  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: key Vodafone exec to retire in June; Tilgin looks for partners; EE takes TV everywhere; SoundCloud goes mainstream.
Leading Lights 2016: There's Still Time
Shades of Ray  | 
3/29/2016  |  Post a comment
There's still time to enter this year's Leading Lights awards -- here are the details you need.
AT&T Embracing SDN at the Optical Layer
News Analysis  | 
3/29/2016  |  10 comments
AT&T is hoping to lure other network operators into its effort to drive SDN down to the optical layer and greatly increase network flexibility.
AT&T Targets Virtualized ROADMs
News Analysis  | 
3/25/2016  |  Post a comment
Open ROADM group already includes Ciena, Fujitsu and Nokia in effort to create software and hardware specs.
Infinera Revs Its Optical Engine
News Analysis  | 
3/24/2016  |  6 comments
Transport equipment vendor combines advances in photonics and digital signal processing to create a subsystem capable of multi-terabit 'super-channels.' It's a big deal, says expert analyst, but it won't make its way into deployable systems for a while yet.
Eurobites: UK Govt Ups Pace on '10 Mbit/s for All'
News Analysis  | 
3/24/2016  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: UPC Cablecom expands coverage; Android Pay on its way to UK; oilfield innovation.
What Juniper Paid for BTI
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2016  |  1 comment
The deal is yet to close, but Juniper has revealed financial details of its BTI Systems acquisition.
Verizon Preps Next Major Broadband Upgrade
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2016  |  9 comments
After releasing an RFP in December, Verizon appears close to choosing its vendors for a major wireline upgrade to NG-PON2.
Inphi Debuts Data Center Interconnect Gamechanger
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2016  |  11 comments
A new optical interconnect, developed for Microsoft but available to anyone, enables regional data centers to be linked almost directly switch-to-switch without the need for dedicated data center interconnect boxes.
Microsoft Drops a Data Center Interconnect Bombshell
News Analysis  | 
3/21/2016  |  15 comments
Hyperscale data center operator and optical components vendor Inphi have developed a module that replaces dedicated data center interconnect systems at 80km or less, a move that will take a chunk out of the DCI box market.
Google: Give Us Better Interconnect... Now
News Analysis  | 
3/21/2016  |  2 comments
A lead architect of Google's data center infrastructure says the industry isn't innovating anywhere near fast enough to keep up with data center demand and economics.
Leading Lights Deadline Looms
News Analysis  | 
3/21/2016  |  2 comments
Hurry up folks -- you've got only days to hit the entry deadline for this year's Leading Lights awards.
Infinera Unveils Infinite Capacity Engine
News Wire Feed  | 
3/21/2016  |  1 comment
Infinera has combined advances in photonics and digital signal processing to create a subsystem it calls the Infinite Capacity Engine.
Ciena Builds on Verizon's Metro Specs
News Analysis  | 
3/18/2016  |  6 comments
Ciena's new metro packet-optical system has been designed to meet Verizon's requirements but will it have broader appeal? Opinions are divided.
Netflix: The Road to 100G
LRTV Custom TV  | 
3/18/2016  |  Post a comment
Netflix is one of the companies instigating the transition from slower speeds to 100G in data centers and CDNs. At the Open Compute Project Summit 2016 in San Jose in early March, we caught up with Scott Long, Senior Software Developer at Netflix.
Nokia Opens Its Optical Box of Tricks
News Analysis  | 
3/18/2016  |  1 comment
Having kept its powder dry during Alcatel-Lucent's final 12 months, the optical team at Nokia has unveiled a host of developments including potentially game-changing 200G long-haul capabilities.
Windstream Picks Up DCI Mantle
News Analysis  | 
3/17/2016  |  Post a comment
Network operator sold its own data centers but is finding interconnecting others to be a strong new market.
ClariPhy Boasts 64QAM Modulation Breakthrough
News Wire Feed  | 
3/17/2016  |  Post a comment
ClariPhy says its 16nm ADC and DAC platform enabling 64QAM modulation can enable 70 Tbit/s per fiber and more than 50% power reduction.
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    SDN and NFV have been inextricably bound with each other for so long that on a conceptual level, smooshing them together into one catch-all phrase – SDNFV – is now justifiable, according to Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Light Reading spoke to Pitt at the NFV World Congress, where he explained that the next ...
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    ZTE gives us a tour of its booth and new products at TV Connect in London.
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    Verizon Puts Gray Boxes in the Shade

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    When it comes to the white box trend, "gray" boxes, which have a slight proprietary twist, don't give service providers and end users the advantages they're seeking, according to Verizon's Vice President of Product and New Business Innovation Shawn Hakl.
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    Dealing With a Disrupted Video Market

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    Ericsson's Simon Frost discusses how traditional pay-TV providers can cope with the big changes wrought by the rise of OTT video and IP technology.
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    The VNF Responsibility of Red Hat

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    At MWC, Caroline Chappell of Heavy Reading visits the Red Hat booth and sits down with Chris Wright to talk about the responsibility the VNF needs to take on in order to ensure the operators get the carrier-grade performance they expect for their network.
    LRTV Interviews
    AT&T Expert on the Key Pillars of UC

    4|29|16   |   03:58   |   (0) comments

    Vishy Gopalakrishnan, AVP of product marketing at AT&T, talks about the three developments that are making unified communications and collaboration secure and reliable for enterprise users.
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    LRTV Report: Mobile Core Innovation

    4|28|16   |   25:32   |   (0) comments

    Hear from multiple industry experts from Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom, Heavy Reading, Huawei, Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia, NEC and many more about developments in the mobile core as operators virtualize their IMS and evolved packet core systems and prepare for a 5G world.
    LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
    NFV World Congress Highlight

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    The highlight of the NFV World Congress contains exciting telecom news. Join us for an inside look at Huawei's ICT 2020 plan and its latest collaboration with industry leaders.
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    Unified Comms Finds Its Voice

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    Peter Quinlan, VP of UCC Product Management at Tata Communications, talks about the evolution of the unified communications and collaboration services sector and how voice is now a big part of current developments.
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    So... What Do We Do Now?

    4|25|16   |   03:24   |   (0) comments

    After a long hiatus, Max Dingman, the CEO of a GeeGhiz, returns for a motivational board room pep talk.
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    NAB 2016 Highlights

    4|21|16   |     |   (0) comments

    Light Reading's Cable/Video Practice Leader Alan Breznick climbs down from the slots to tell us about the latest news in broadcast technology at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas.
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