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Are You Earning as Much as Your Peers?
Light Reedy  | 
7/24/2014  |  Post a comment
The results of Light Reading's fourth annual Salary Survey tell us about the salaries, aspirations and job satisfaction of nearly 1,200 telecom professionals.
IEEE Picks Up 25Gbit/s Ethernet Cause
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2014  |  1 comment
The IEEE starts a study group aiming to pursue a 25Gbit/s Ethernet standard for data centers.
Juniper Sells Security Unit, Feels Carrier Pinch
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
Portfolio transformation sees sale of mobile security unit as Juniper braces itself for a dip in US telco spending.
IEEE Studies 25G Ethernet Standard
News Wire Feed  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
IEEE picks up on industry interest in 25Gbit/s Ethernet for data centers, forms study group.
XO Taps Infinera for 100G Expansion
News Wire Feed  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
XO says it will use the Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport platform to deliver 100G services nationwide.
Salary Survey Report 2014
Prime Reading  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
Light Reading's fourth annual salary survey of telecom professionals reveals that good times are here again, as salaries are high and optimism is even higher.
Eurobites: Alcatel-Lucent Upgrades Türk Telekom
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google not off the antitrust hook yet; TalkTalk telly on the up; Microsoft's cheaper Lumia.
Juniper Reports Q2 Numbers, Sells Unit
News Wire Feed  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
Juniper Networks reported second quarter revenues up by 7% year-over-year and up by 5% sequentially to $1.23 billion and announced the sale of Junos Pulse.
Big Switch Intros Flagship Big Cloud Fabric – At Last
News Analysis  | 
7/22/2014  |  2 comments
Big Cloud Fabric is designed to let carriers and enterprises get their feet wet with SDN.
VeloCloud Reimagines Enterprise WAN
News Analysis  | 
7/21/2014  |  4 comments
VeloCloud offers a cloud-based WAN service for delivering enterprise-grade service over regular broadband lines.
VeloCloud Unveils Cloud WAN Solution
News Wire Feed  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
Startup promises to improve branch office WAN experience over any line via cloud solution.
AT&T Lands VPN Deal From K+S
News Wire Feed  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
International fertilizer and salt producer signs new agreement for VPN services.
Algérie Télécom Sources IP Gear from Nokia/Juniper
News Wire Feed  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
Nokia Networks and Juniper connect Algérie Télécom sites with all-IP technology.
Verizon Preps for 100G Ethernet NID Era
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2014  |  4 comments
Verizon tests transmission between two 100G Ethernet NIDs, signaling likely future deployment.
Ericsson Reports Q2
News Wire Feed  | 
7/18/2014  |  Post a comment
Margins improve in second quarter for Swedish vendor.
Ericsson Leaps on Q2 Margin Boost
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2014  |  1 comment
Share price leaps as further customer investments in mobile network capacity helped Ericsson boost its margins in the second quarter.
Verizon Tests 100G Ethernet NIDs
News Wire Feed  | 
7/17/2014  |  Post a comment
Verizon shows successful traffic management between two 100G Ethernet NIDs.
Ethernet Wins Over RBSC's 'TDM Guy'
News Analysis  | 
7/16/2014  |  1 comment
RBSC brings Tahlequah, Okla., into the Gigabit Ethernet era.
Verizon Channels European Expansion
News Analysis  | 
7/16/2014  |  1 comment
Verizon Enterprise Solutions is expanding its revised partner program, adding its US enterprise business and beginning a global push.
Verizon Expands Sales Channels in Europe
News Wire Feed  | 
7/16/2014  |  Post a comment
Verizon Enterprise Solutions is enhancing its Verizon Partner Program for selling through third-party channels and expanding it as well, initially into Europe.
Curvature Plans to Break the Hardware Replacement Cycle
News Analysis  | 
7/15/2014  |  4 comments
An evolving strategy of support and long-term maintenance leads to a name change to emphasize IT management.
BTI Supports Interxion Cloud Connect
News Wire Feed  | 
7/15/2014  |  Post a comment
BTI Systems brings its Cloud Networking Solution in support of Interxion's Cloud Connect service launch.
RBSC Uses ADVA Ethernet Suite
News Wire Feed  | 
7/15/2014  |  Post a comment
Carrier focused on rural markets rides ADVA's Ethernet Services Suite into initial Ethernet launch in Tahlequah, Okla.
Riverbed Faces More Pressure to Sell
News Analysis  | 
7/14/2014  |  10 comments
Riverbed faces a second-quarter revenue drop, and renewed pressure to find a buyer.
Time to Get Smart About SMB Services
Shades of Ray  | 
7/14/2014  |  3 comments
Can service providers afford to neglect small businesses in a FTTx, 4G world?
NetSocket Opens Arms to Virtual App Partners
News Analysis  | 
7/11/2014  |  2 comments
NetSocket launches its Virtual Partner Program for third-party developers as the next stage in building its apps portfolio.
NetSocket Adds Virtual Partner Program
News Wire Feed  | 
7/10/2014  |  Post a comment
Ecosystem of third-party application providers will help managed services providers address SMB and enterprise needs.
WebRTC: A Double-Edged Sword for Telcos
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
7/10/2014  |  2 comments
WebRTC has the potential to enable armies of developers to create their own real-time communications apps in previously unheard-of ways.
Fujitsu Announces 100G CFP2 Transceiver
News Wire Feed  | 
7/9/2014  |  Post a comment
Fujitsu's 100G CFP2 transceiver is due out in the fourth quarter.
DT Teams With A10 for NFV Advance
News Analysis  | 
7/9/2014  |  1 comment
German operator and vendor develop IPv4-over-IPv6 solution to boost cloud service capabilities on DT's Terastream network.
The Big Telecom Switch
Column  | 
7/9/2014  |  12 comments
There's been a significant switch at the top of the telcos' list of priorities – monetizing networks has edged building networks from the top of the pile.
Calix Helps Grande Turn Up Gigabit Fiber Services in Austin
News Wire Feed  | 
7/9/2014  |  Post a comment
Grande Communications deploys E7 for Gigabit services and Compass Open Link Cable software for DOCSIS provisioning of GPON.
Coriant 7100 Lands Beijing Metro Deployment
News Wire Feed  | 
7/8/2014  |  Post a comment
Coriant's 7100 Nano system, acquired in the Tellabs deal, is selected for deployment by ISP Beijing Internet Harbor.
Will 25G Effort Prove Valuable?
DOS Attack  | 
7/7/2014  |  Post a comment
The 25G Gigabit Ethernet Consortium looks like a case of companies moving to establish a default standard where the standards process has failed so far.
Broadcom Touts Hybrid Hardware Approach to NFV
News Analysis  | 
7/7/2014  |  1 comment
Hardware accelerators can help NFV servers meet the demands of carrier networks, says a Broadcom executive.
Cirpack Adds IPv4/IPv6 Interop to Its SBC
News Wire Feed  | 
7/7/2014  |  Post a comment
Cirpack announces version 4.2 of its SBC product portfolio, which includes IPv4/IPv6 interoperability.
Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Service Delivery Case Study: Telstra's Ethernet Services Powered by MRV - Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
7/7/2014  | 

In March 2013, Telstra became the first service provider in Asia/Pacific and only the second in the world to receive Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 certification. Telstra achieved this milestone after passing stringent tests of its Ethernet Access and Ethernet Backhaul E-Line services, launched in August 2012. The operator's CE 2.0-certified E-Line products are now available nationally in more than 1,700 metro and regional exchange service areas.

Telstra's next-generation Ethernet services use a set of access, pre-aggregation, and service provisioning and management platforms supplied by MRV Communications. MRV's CE 2.0-certified solution is deployed by Telstra as part of a nationwide network upgrade that complements separate investments the company has made to expand its 4G mobile network and broadband infrastructure.

This study examines Telstra's motivation for embracing CE 2.0 technology, discusses the services capabilities enabled by MRV's platforms and explores how Telstra is implementing advanced CE solutions to enhance its service portfolio, deliver greater value to its customers and improve its profitability.

How Zayo Spent $3.7B on Acquisitions
News Analysis  | 
7/4/2014  |  4 comments
Operator's IPO filing reveals how much it paid for its numerous acquisitions.
Zayo Files for IPO
News Analysis  | 
7/4/2014  |  3 comments
Wholesale services specialist Zayo files its IPO documents, but warns that profits are still some way off.
Automation of Provisioning Still Elusive Goal
News Analysis  | 
7/3/2014  |  7 comments
Virtualization will help, but may actually complicate things in the near term.
Business Ethernet Revisited: The Testing Imperative White Paper
Information Resources  | 
7/3/2014  | 

The business services opportunity for the cable industry still beckons. Ethernet has emerged as a key enabling technology for its speed, low cost and flexibility. Cable operators have gained a small share of the telco-dominated business services market but are relatively stronger in retail and wholesale Ethernet services. Testing plays a critical role in the installation and maintenance of these services, which typically require adherence to service level agreements (SLAs). In this white paper, we examine how the prerequisite to testing is a workforce trained to use test and measurement (T&M) equipment.

Testing the Next-Gen Network: Make Way for 100GE White Paper
Information Resources  | 
7/3/2014  | 

Telecommunications networks of the future will continue to carry a mix of technologies. But as legacy infrastructure declines, the evolving Gigabit Ethernet (GE) market is poised to play an increasingly larger role.

Network operators already constrained by 10GE circuits have deployed 40GE, and some are now scaling 100GE across backbone, metro and even access platforms. Standards, favorable costs and growing network traffic help explain Ethernet's appeal. As 40GE and 100GE circuits become more widespread, operators will need to enhance their test and measurement (T&M) equipment accordingly.

A Concise Guide to Mobile Backhaul Synchronization White Paper
Information Resources  | 
7/3/2014  | 

As the Mobile Backhaul increases bandwidth between radio equipment and core networks to keep up with demand, legacy TDM links are being replaced by more efficient Ethernet links. However, with packet switched networks (PSN) being inherently asynchronous, the question arises as to what could fill the void of providing the tight frequency and phase synchronization required by the mobile base stations and other real-time applications.

Several technologies like IEEE 1588v2 Precision timing protocol, ITU-T G.8261 Synchronous Ethernet and GPS-disciplined clocks are currently available to fill that gap. Since each one has its strengths and weaknesses, and solutions may include a combination of them, Mobile Backhaul Synchronization is currently a hot topic being studied and discussed by standardization bodies and service providers' labs around the world. This white paper provides a concise guide to these new synchronization techniques, with an emphasis on the IEEE 1588v2 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP).

Key Carrier Ethernet Testing and OAM Standards Wall Chart
Information Resources  | 
7/3/2014  | 

A detailed and informative wall chart including a network overview, IEEE802.1/ITU Y.1731 OAM (Connectivity Fault & Performance Management), ITUY.1564 SAM (Service Activation Methodology (SAM)), and IEEE 802.3ah EFM OAM (Link Fault Management).

New 25-Gig Ethernet Spec Targets Data Center
News Analysis  | 
7/2/2014  |  3 comments
Consortium says new specs for 25 Gbit/s and 50 Gbit/s are more cost effective than current 10 Gbit/s links.
July M&A Madness! Spirent, SPIT Vendors Lead the Way
News Analysis  | 
7/2/2014  |  2 comments
July is only 2 days old but has already witnessed multiple acquisition announcements, with the test and measurement, OSS, and mobile small cell sectors leading the way.
NFV 'Inception' Meeting Highlights Tectonic Shift in Telecom
Shades of Ray  | 
7/2/2014  |  7 comments
The open source NFV platform meeting in the Valley this week highlights some of the key shifts ongoing in telecom.
BTE Panel: Network of the Future
LRTV Documentaries  | 
7/2/2014  |  Post a comment
Full-length video of the ATIS Panel Discussion: 'How Far Away Is the Network of the Future & What Does It Look Like?' from the Big Telecom Event (BTE) in Chicago.
Tata Eyes Subsea's 400G Future
News Analysis  | 
7/2/2014  |  Post a comment
Hon Kit Lam of Tata Communications discusses the subsea cable operator's recent 400G test with Huawei.
25-GigE Consortium Devises Data Center Standard
News Wire Feed  | 
7/1/2014  |  Post a comment
Led by Google, Microsoft and others, group devises for optimized data center connections over 25-Gig Ethernet and 50-Gig Ethernet
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Light Reedy
Numbers Are In: LR's 2014 Salary Survey

7|24|14   |   1:25   |   (0) comments

Our fourth annual Salary Survey paints a picture of who's hiring, firing, earning, and yearning for a change in the telecom industry.
LRTV Custom TV
Driving the Network Transformation

7|23|14   |   4:29   |   (0) comments

Intel's Sandra Rivera discusses network transformation and how Intel technologies, programs, and standards body efforts have helped the industry migration to SDN and NFV.
LRTV Custom TV
Distributed NFV-Based Business Services by RAD

7|18|14   |   5:38   |   (0) comments

With the ETSI-approved Distributed NFV PoC running in the background, RAD's CEO, Dror Bin, talks about why D-NFV makes compelling sense for service providers, and about the dollars and cents RAD is putting behind D-NFV.
LRTV Custom TV
MRV – Accelerating Packet Optical Convergence

7|15|14   |   6:06   |   (0) comments

Giving you network insight to make your network smarter.
LRTV Custom TV
NFV-Enabled Ethernet for Generating New Revenues

7|15|14   |   5:49   |   (0) comments

Cyan's Planet Orchestrate allows service providers and their end-customers to activate software-based capabilities such as firewalls and encryption on top of existing Ethernet services in just minutes.
LRTV Custom TV
Symkloud NVF-Ready Video Transcoding, Big Data

7|9|14   |   3:41   |   (0) comments

Kontron and ISV partner Vantrix demonstrate high-performance video transcoding and data analytic solutions on same 2U standard platform that is ready for SDN and NFV deployments made by mobile, cable and cloud operators.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
The Evolving Role of Hybrid Video for Competitive Success

7|4|14   |   4:09   |   (0) comments

At Huawei's Global Analysts Summit in Shenzhen, China, Steven C. Hawley from TV Strategies speaks to us about the evolving role of hybrid video for competitive success.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
How CSPs Leverage Big Data in the Digital Economy

7|4|14   |   4:48   |   (2) comments

Justin van der Lande from Analysys Mason shares with us his views on how telecom operators can leverage customer asset monetization with big data. His discusses the current status of big data applications and the challenges and opportunities for telecom operators in the digital economy era.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Accelerator for Digital Business – Future Oriented BSS

7|4|14   |   3:08   |   (0) comments

Mobile and internet are becoming intertwined; IT and CT are integrating; and leading CSPs have begun to transform to information service and entertainment providers. How should the BSS system evolve to enable this transformation? Karl Whitelock, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, shares his views.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Orange Tunisia Discusses Multi-Band Antenna With EasyRET Solution

7|4|14   |   2:45   |   (0) comments

As new site acquisition becomes more difficult, Orange Tunisia has requested multi-band antenna to support UMTS and LTE innovation. Some things considered include reducing the cost of antenna maintenance and having high reliability antenna and EasyRET solution.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
How Telefonica Spain Considers Antenna Selection for LTE Network Deployment

7|4|14   |   2:19   |   (0) comments

Tony Conlan, Global CTO of RAN, Telefonica, shares his opinion on antennas in LTE network deployment: Tower space is the premier requirement on antennas; reliability is important to reduce OPEX; and EasyRET solution will be helpful for antenna maintenance.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
dtac Thailand: Multi-band Antenna & Capacity Solution for a Better MBB Experience

7|3|14   |   3:45   |   (0) comments

With the development of LTE, tower space and load are limited for new antenna, but users' capacity requirements are growing fast. To provide a better MBB experience, Panya Vechbanyongratana from dtac Thailand shared his experiences and antenna requirements.
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