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Cisco's Robbins Foresees White Box Coexistence
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2015  |  1 comment
CEO Charles Robbins says he foresees proprietary and white box equipment coexisting with open source technology.
Getting to NFV Everywhere
Prime Reading  | 
10/5/2015  |  Post a comment
Real-world challenges come with the territory as NFV starts to see practical implementations.
Kheradpir's Coriant Comeback
Shades of Ray  | 
10/5/2015  |  1 comment
Shaygan Kheradpir left Juniper under a cloud (not THE cloud) but has reappeared as CEO of transport vendor Coriant.
Amdocs: Ideas Are Easy – Value Is Hard
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2015  |  Post a comment
It isn't enough to come up with good ideas. Service providers also need to execute and make them produce business value, says Amdocs' head of innovation for IT and services.
Identity Crisis Creates Comms Opportunities
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2015  |  Post a comment
Service providers can generate new business helping companies, government agencies and individuals solve the enormous problems of authentication and identity.
Yo, CEO – Is Your Company Secure?
News Analysis  | 
10/1/2015  |  3 comments
AT&T's new security report and initiative is aimed at getting CEOs and board members more engaged in the security process.
Orange: EU Too Fragmented for Cross-Border M&A
News Analysis  | 
10/1/2015  |  1 comment
France's Orange bemoans the lack of a digital single market in Europe but remains optimistic about the region's potential.
AT&T Uses U-Verse to Extend Ethernet Reach
News Wire Feed  | 
10/1/2015  |  Post a comment
New switched Ethernet feature will use Uverse broadband network to double the reach of Ethernet and including many more businesses.
Mellanox to Buy EZchip
News Wire Feed  | 
10/1/2015  |  Post a comment
Mellanox has agreed to buy EZchip for $811 million, approximately $620 million net of cash.
AT&T Targets CEOs, Boards With Security Report
News Wire Feed  | 
10/1/2015  |  Post a comment
Its first report on security breaches and how to prevent them is aimed at getting CEOs and boards involved in making security a greater priority.
New IP Spirit Saturates Startups
News Analysis  | 
10/1/2015  |  Post a comment
Up-and-coming companies are looking to help comms providers improve their networks, security and customer care.
Cisco Powers AT&T's Virtual CPE Push
News Wire Feed  | 
9/30/2015  |  Post a comment
AT&T is using Cisco's virtual CPE as part of its expansion of its Network-on-Demand service to include Managed Internet Service.
AT&T Launches Managed Internet on Demand
News Wire Feed  | 
9/30/2015  |  Post a comment
AT&T today expanded its Network-on-Demand service portfolio, adding Managed Internet Service on demand.
Mirantis Woos Comms With Cloud, NFV Synergy
News Analysis  | 
9/30/2015  |  Post a comment
Follows NFV vendor partnerships with a new version of its OpenStack distro, aimed at resilience at scale.
Mirantis Updates OpenStack Distro for Enhanced Stability, Support
News Wire Feed  | 
9/30/2015  |  Post a comment
The new Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 distribution enhances scalability and resilience, improves developer productivity and maximizes infrastructure flexiblity.
Good News for NFV Interoperability
Column  | 
9/29/2015  |  6 comments
The comms industry is rallying to the cause of open, independent interoperability testing.
ECOC: It's All About the Network Upgrades
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2015  |  1 comment
Innovation? Yeah, yeah, okay. Look, can you just help me get to 100G? Cheap?
SCTE's Power Play Is Software-Driven
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2015  |  1 comment
The cable industry is moving closer to a time when power delivery in the network will be matched up with power demand.
Analytics Holds the Key to Cable's Future
Column  | 
9/29/2015  |  6 comments
Data analytics and revenue assurance are growing in strategic importance for the cable industry.
Telefónica Takes NFV Tu Go
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2015  |  Post a comment
Carrier looks to network virtualization to fuel expansion of a mobile offering that allows customers to access GSM services over WiFi.
Aus NBN Sparks $2.1B Vocus, M2 Merger
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2015  |  Post a comment
Australia's NBN is not built yet but it is already reshaping the country's telecom market.
Are Sports Next for Netflix?
MariNation  | 
9/28/2015  |  14 comments
Reed Hastings knows sports is moving online, so why not bring it to Netflix?
SDN, NFV Pose Security Risk – Level 3 CMO
News Analysis  | 
9/25/2015  |  4 comments
Level 3 says NFV-based security offerings are firmly on its roadmap but admits there are still security concerns about SDN and NFV technologies.
Facebook: IPv6 Is a Real-World Big Deal
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
9/25/2015  |  5 comments
Facebook software engineer Paul Saab revealed that IPv6 now accounts for almost 50% of Facebook's 4G smartphone traffic in the US – and that's just the start of it.
Eurobites: BT Sets Out IPv6 Timeline
News Analysis  | 
9/25/2015  |  3 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange to play a key role in 'Smartseille'; OBS connects shipping crews; Huawei wins big in France.
CSPs Get Serious About ICT Transformation
Sponsored Infographics  | 
9/25/2015  |  Post a comment
Communication service providers realize that an ICT transformation is critical to their long-term survival, but most haven't yet committed to making it happen.
A Jaded Journalist Views IPv4 News
Rewired  | 
9/24/2015  |  16 comments
So North America is out of IPv4 addresses – that's incredibly anti-climactic. Unless it isn't, in which case you're in trouble.
A Vast Valley: Tech's Inexcusable Gender Gap
Que Sera Sarah  | 
9/24/2015  |  49 comments
Tech companies are admitting they have a gender problem that they say they want to fix, but more needs to be done – and faster. No more excuses.
Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Mini 7750 Router
News Wire Feed  | 
9/24/2015  |  Post a comment
Alcatel-Lucent is launching a smaller version of its 7750 Service Router (SR) called the 7750 SR-e series.
Verizon First With QoS for IoT
News Analysis  | 
9/23/2015  |  15 comments
New Verizon Private Network Management Service for 4G LTE access guarantees how mission-critical apps will work in congestion.
Verizon Intros Private Networking Via LTE
News Wire Feed  | 
9/23/2015  |  Post a comment
Verizon is adding 4G LTE wireless access to its Private Network Traffic Management service so that enterprises can prioritize and secure traffic originating from LTE devices.
ADVA Conducts 400G DCI Trial
News Wire Feed  | 
9/23/2015  |  Post a comment
Optical vendor tests CloudConnect at 400G over 385km with Poland's PSNC.
ONOS Debuts 'Drake' Upgrade to SDN OS
News Wire Feed  | 
9/22/2015  |  Post a comment
Focused on infrastructure enhancements for further SDN and NFV use cases.
Mentor Monday: Hyperoptic's Dana Tobak
Que Sera Sarah  | 
9/21/2015  |  1 comment
The co-founder and managing director of UK ISP Hyperoptic shares her thoughts on everything from 'fibrehoods' to advice for the sisterhood of women in comms.
CEO Chat With Chris Ancell, XO Communications
Between the CEOs  | 
9/21/2015  |  1 comment
Steve Saunders caught up with XO Communications' Chris Ancell and heard his views on open standards, cloud, security, and more.
Could New IP Aid Altice Expansion?
Morris Lore  | 
9/18/2015  |  2 comments
Patrick Drahi's strategy of debt-fueled growth might receive a boost from investment in New IP technologies.
WiC Pics: Speak Up & Wear Fabulous Shoes
Slide Shows  | 
9/17/2015  |  5 comments
Top female leaders from Intel, AT&T, Verizon and GenBand share their experiences, perspectives and advice for women in the industry, who convened in Dallas this week.
TeliaSonera to Quit Eurasia, Focus on Europe
News Analysis  | 
9/17/2015  |  3 comments
Swedish operator's decision will leave it with just a third of the mobile customers it serves today but allow it to focus resources on Europe and invest in new business areas.
Commodity IT Means Business for Service Providers
News Analysis  | 
9/17/2015  |  1 comment
Enterprises are looking to service providers to carry the burden of IT that's increasingly becoming viewed as commodity – and that creates business opportunities for SPs.
CEO Chat With Eric Xu, Huawei
Between the CEOs  | 
9/16/2015  |  5 comments
In a rare and exclusive interview, Eric Xu, Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO of Huawei Technologies, talked to Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders about convergence, virtualization, industry politics, doing business in the US and economic success.
Comcast Business Targets Fortune 1000
News Analysis  | 
9/16/2015  |  2 comments
Comcast is pitting itself against incumbent telcos and likely fellow cable operators with new Enterprise Services division targeting the Fortune 1000.
Oclaro Supports CLR4 & CWDM4 Specs With 100G QSFP28 Client-Side Transceiver
News Wire Feed  | 
9/16/2015  |  Post a comment
Oclaro is sampling a low-power 100G QSFP28 client-side transceiver that is compatible with both CLR4 and CWDM4 specifications.
Why the World Is About to Change
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/16/2015  |  3 comments
Light Reading's Steve Saunders and Ray Le Maistre discuss some of the hot talking points from day 2 of the Global Services Forum in Zurich, where discussions have ranged from ICT transformation to the global impact of next-gen communications.
Tales of Telco Transformation
LRTV Documentaries  | 
9/16/2015  |  Post a comment
There have been many great insights into the way telecom operators are revamping their networks, systems, skills, processes and cultures during this year's Global Services Forum in Zurich, Switzerland.
Hewlett-Packard to Slash Another 30,000 Jobs
News Analysis  | 
9/16/2015  |  2 comments
The IT giant is to cut a tenth of jobs at its newly formed Hewlett Packard Enterprise business as it looks to rein in costs.
GTT to Acquire One Source Networks
News Wire Feed  | 
9/15/2015  |  Post a comment
GTT's latest bid follows a string of acquisitions that have consolidated the competitive services sector.
White House Funding Seeds Smart Cities
News Analysis  | 
9/15/2015  |  3 comments
The White House is committing more than $160 million to smart city development, including an effort to create a "smart city app store."
Ericsson CTO: Carriers Moving Too Slowly on Virtualization
News Analysis  | 
9/15/2015  |  10 comments
Service providers' hesitation over deploying virtualization in the data center could cost them big in the long run, predicts Ulf Ewaldsson.
Telcos Need a Cultural Conversion
LRTV Documentaries  | 
9/15/2015  |  7 comments
Telco transformation programs are about a lot more than networks and ICT – there's a lot of focus on process changes and adopting a new culture, say executives at the Global Services Forum in Zurich.
Brocade Beefs Up SDN Operations Support
News Analysis  | 
9/15/2015  |  1 comment
Introduced version 2 of open source SDN controller, based on the OpenDaylight Lithium release along with two new management apps.
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The comms industry is rallying to the cause of open, independent interoperability testing.
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CLOUD / MANAGED SERVICES: Prepping Ethernet for the Cloud
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Telefónica: In Search of Virtual Simplicity

10|5|15   |   07:30   |   (0) comments

Francisco-Javier Ramon Salguero, head of Telefónica's NFV initiative, admits virtualization initially means greater complexity, but with the right abstraction layer, it is possible to create a services-driven network architecture. He explains how Telefónica's current trials and initiatives are aimed at doing that, and what his company and other carriers need to ...
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Gigabit Europe Takeaways

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Participants from the inaugural Gigabit Europe event in Munich share their key takeaways from the conference.
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Intel Urges Women to Take Advantage of Their Seat at the Table

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Have inclusive and constructive conversations, attach a bigger meaning to your work and get involved in the cause, Intel's Monique Hayward advises women in comms.
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BT Updates on Plans

10|2|15   |   03:16   |   (2) comments

Peter Bell, CIO at Openreach, the access network division at UK incumbent BT, provides an update on the operator's trials and how Openreach is planning to deploy the broadband technology in its street cabinets.
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Sonus Shakes Up SD-WAN

10|2|15   |   7:22   |   (0) comments

Sonus CTO Kevin Riley sat down with Light Reading to discuss the trajectory of the company, its SDN ambitions and why Sonus is taking a market-disruptive approve to SD-WAN.
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CityFibre's Gigabit Vision

10|1|15   |   03:18   |   (1) comment

Mark Collins, director of Strategy & Public Affairs at competitive UK city network operator CityFibre, talks about his company's plans to help build Gigabit Cities.
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Automate, Scale & Create With Juniper's vCPE Solution

10|1|15   |   6:34   |   (0) comments

Join Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Networks CTO, and Steve Saunders, Light Reading Founder and CEO, as they discuss Juniper Networks' approach to NFV showcased with a turnkey vCPE solution, which demonstrates how service providers can use automation to rapidly deploy services.
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Gigabit Europe: Day 1 Takeaways

9|29|15   |   05:47   |   (5) comments

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and Iain Morris sup a beer and discuss some of the key takeaways from the first day of Gigabit Europe 2015.
LRTV Interviews
Gigabit in Europe

9|29|15   |   04:24   |   (0) comments

At the Gigabit Europe 2015 event in Munich, Heavy Reading's Graham Finnie talks about the availability of gigabit broadband in Europe.
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AT&T's Band of Women

9|28|15   |   4:36   |   (0) comments

Brooks McCorcle, the president of AT&T's partner solutions divisions and a mathematician by trade, shares stats on AT&T's diversity and advice on how to create your own band of women at work.
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase
Metaswitch's New CEO Martin Lund Discusses His Role

9|25|15   |   11:36   |   (0) comments

Technology industry veteran Martin Lund joins Metaswitch Networks this week as the company's new CEO. In this interview, Lund discusses his new role and the industry's progress with Light Reading CEO Steve Saunders. Lund believes that the industry disruption caused by SDN and NFV is creating opportunities for companies like Metaswitch – network software providers ...
It's All About That App

9|23|15   |   02:15   |   (2) comments

The long-range goal of service providers is to deliver app-specific network performance and that is showing up in technical developments today.
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Communication service providers realize that an ICT transformation is critical to their long-term survival, but most haven't yet committed to making it happen.
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