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Eurobites: Iliad Slumps on T-Mobile Bidding Battle Fears
News Analysis  | 
8/1/2014  |  5 comments
Also in today's regional roundup: Belgacom holds steady and inks new deal with Vodafone; Turkcell ownership battle over.
Arris Rides Capex Wave Again
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2014  |  1 comment
Continued shipment surges in set-tops, video gateways, CCAP devices, wireless data gateways and other devices drive healthy hikes in revenue and income, but fourth quarter may be dicey because of merger deals.
Apple Launches 'Massive' CDN -- Report
Wagner’s Ring  | 
7/31/2014  |  5 comments
The company has interconnect deals in place with Comcast and other ISPs and will likely spend $100 million this year.
Charter Revenues Up, Video Subs Down
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2014  |  1 comment
Charter reports higher revenues but more video subscriber losses, as more details emerge on its proposed system swaps and new cloud-based UI.
Comcast Strengthens Billing Bond with CSG
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2014  |  4 comments
BSS vendor will take on all of Comcast's residential billing services, adding 2.3 million customers to the platform it has already deployed with the cable company.
Alcatel-Lucent Preps Submarine IPO, Expects Core Growth
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2014  |  6 comments
Vendor reveals plan to raise capital from an IPO of its submarine cables business as it reports Q2 financials, but investors are showing signs of nerves.
Verizon, thePlatform Team Up on IP Video
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2014  |  1 comment
Verizon Digital Media Services and Comcast's thePlatform are partnering to deliver an end-to-end IP video solution.
The Power of the Gig
The Utilitarian  | 
7/30/2014  |  8 comments
The increasing pace of gigabit network rollouts by providers of all stripes is putting more pressure on competitors to respond.
Netflix Adds AT&T to Pay-to-Peer List
News Analysis  | 
7/30/2014  |  3 comments
In the latest net neutrality-related deal, Netflix has notched a paid interconnection agreement with AT&T.
Swisscom Boasts FTTX Milestone
News Analysis  | 
7/30/2014  |  2 comments
Extending fiber to homes, buildings and local street distribution points has taken the Swiss incumbent's 'ultra-fast' broadband subs numbers to more than 1 million.
Pics From Comic-Con -- Honest!
Slide Shows  | 
7/30/2014  |  13 comments
Light Reading takes Comic-Con -- even technology editors need a break!
Comporium Aims Gig at Businesses, Residents
News Analysis  | 
7/29/2014  |  7 comments
The carrier prepares to extend its Zipstream gigabit service to 15,000 residents in Rock Hill, S.C., while continuing to drive business development efforts in the region.
TV UIs In the Frame at CableLabs Conference
News Analysis  | 
7/29/2014  |  2 comments
Demos at the CableLabs Summer Conference next week will highlight immersive display technology, a location-based TV application, and RDK software solutions.
Bright House Launches VOD Ad Insertion
News Analysis  | 
7/29/2014  |  6 comments
Sixth largest US MSO picks BlackArrow to handle dynamic insertion of ads into VOD content, starting with Indianapolis market.
AT&T to Launch Gigabit Network in Nashville
News Wire Feed  | 
7/29/2014  |  Post a comment
The company announces plans to add Nashville and other parts of Tennessee to the list of cities where it will roll out GigaPower service.
Eurobites: Liberty Merges Euro Operations
News Analysis  | 
7/29/2014  |  3 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange to cut costs further as profits slide in H1; Nokia Networks teams up for wide-area 4G broadcast trial; Vodafone brings Chromecast to the UK high street.
Telefónica Deploys AlcaLu Cloud DVR Tech
News Wire Feed  | 
7/28/2014  |  Post a comment
Alcatel-Lucent's cloud-based DVR technology enables personal online recording and multiple TV features.
Sling Shoots for Chromecast Support
News Analysis  | 
7/28/2014  |  4 comments
Sling is lining up Chromecast support for the new retail Slingbox M1 and other recent Slingbox devices.
Cable Broadband Surpassing Video: Moody's
News Analysis  | 
7/28/2014  |  4 comments
In a new report, Moody's Investors Service projects that the US cable industry will have more broadband subscribers than video subscribers by next year.
Unrequited Love
Haiku  | 
7/28/2014  |  1 comment
TiVo has passion
In defense of CableCARD
Too bad users don't.
Muni Utilities Take Gigabit Fight to FCC
News Analysis  | 
7/28/2014  |  3 comments
Utilities in Chattanooga, Tenn. and Wilson, N.C. petition the FCC to let them expand their gigabit networks to surrounding communities.
TiVo Criticizes CableCARD Coverage
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2014  |  9 comments
TiVo takes exception to the latest coverage of the CableCARD debate, following key US House vote to kill separable security mandate.
Eurobites: BSkyB Agrees $9.1B M&A Deal
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2014  |  2 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Europe still weighs on Vodafone revenues; EE on course for 6 million 4G customers by year's end.
U-verse Growth Slips But Still Strong
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2014  |  14 comments
AT&T's fiber-fed platform records slower growth in second quarter but still well outstrips pace of Verizon FiOS and other broadband pay-TV providers.
Alabama Cable Operator Picks Arris CCAP Platform
News Wire Feed  | 
7/24/2014  |  Post a comment
Arris's E6000 Converged Edge Router (CER) will power enhanced voice, video, and data experiences.
Eurobites: DT's Hungary Operation Cuts Jobs
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2014  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica doubles down on security; Nokia holds steady in Q2; "right to be forgotten" row continues.
Numbers Are In: LR's 2014 Salary Survey
Light Reedy  | 
7/24/2014  |  7 comments
Our fourth annual Salary Survey paints a picture of who's hiring, firing, earning, and yearning for a change in the telecom industry.
Are You Earning as Much as Your Peers?
Light Reedy  | 
7/24/2014  |  6 comments
The results of Light Reading's fourth annual Salary Survey tell us about the salaries, aspirations and job satisfaction of nearly 1,200 telecom professionals.
Rabbit TV: We'll Pay Retrans Fees
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2014  |  1 comment
In the wake of the Aereo court ruling, online video company Rabbit TV is offering to pay broadcasters retransmission fees to distribute their content over the web.
To TDS, TV Is a Gigabit Must-Have
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2014  |  5 comments
TDS Telecom turns up its second gigabit market, emphasizing its IPTV offering as a critical part of the package.
Comporium Picks Arris CCAP Platform
News Wire Feed  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
Begins migrating its ARRIS-based network to the ARRIS E6000 Converged Edge Router (CER).
House Votes to Kill CableCARD Mandate
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2014  |  Post a comment
In a bipartisan vote, the US House of Representatives passed the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Reauthorization Act of 2014 (STELA), which also aims to end the FCC's CableCARD mandate.
Salary Survey Report 2014
Prime Reading  | 
7/23/2014  |  13 comments
Light Reading's fourth annual salary survey of telecom professionals reveals that good times are here again, as salaries are high and optimism is even higher.
Eurobites: Alcatel-Lucent Upgrades Türk Telekom
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2014  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google not off the antitrust hook yet; TalkTalk telly on the up; Microsoft's cheaper Lumia.
Comcast Seeks More X1 Magic
News Analysis  | 
7/22/2014  |  Post a comment
After cutting video sub losses in the traditionally poor second quarter, Comcast is seeking greater returns from its next-gen IP video platform.
Asus, Quantenna Bring Gigabit WiFi Home
News Analysis  | 
7/22/2014  |  1 comment
Asus launches first Wave 2 802.11ac WiFi router with Quantenna chipset, offering wireless speeds of up to 1.73 Gbit/s.
FiOS: Slower Sub Growth, Faster Upload Speeds
News Analysis  | 
7/22/2014  |  12 comments
Verizon FTTP platform sees video and data sub growth continue to slip as FiOS reaches the limit of its network buildout.
Verizon Reports Q2 Sales Up 5.7% at $31.5B
News Wire Feed  | 
7/22/2014  |  Post a comment
Delivers sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit operating income and earnings growth.
Blog Wars: Verizon, Level 3 Duke it Out
News Analysis  | 
7/22/2014  |  9 comments
Dueling blogs actually agree on the problem causing Netflix traffic to slow but – shockingly – disagree on the solution.
The Municipal Menace?
The Utilitarian  | 
7/22/2014  |  17 comments
New federal legislation raises questions about states' rights and the role of municipalities and utilities in broadband competition.
Eurobites: Netflix to Take Euro Hit in Q3
News Analysis  | 
7/22/2014  |  2 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica passes M2M milestone; Vodafone offers small cells to rural folk; XMOS attracts $26.2 million Series D funding.
Arris Taps Wurl for New OTT Platform
News Analysis  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
Arris has partnered with startup company Wurl to introduce Arris Market, a new TV app platform.
VeloCloud Reimagines Enterprise WAN
News Analysis  | 
7/21/2014  |  4 comments
VeloCloud offers a cloud-based WAN service for delivering enterprise-grade service over regular broadband lines.
C Spire Picks Amino's Platform for IPTV Rollout
News Wire Feed  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
C Spire will deploy Amino's Live Advanced Media Centre and A140 devices as part of a triple-play offering.
Verizon FiOS Boosts Upload Speeds
News Wire Feed  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
Verizon will shift qualifying current residential customers to higher upload speeds for free over next few months.
VeloCloud Unveils Cloud WAN Solution
News Wire Feed  | 
7/21/2014  |  Post a comment
Startup promises to improve branch office WAN experience over any line via cloud solution.
Eurobites: Netflix Takes 1Tbit/s in Paris
News Analysis  | 
7/21/2014  |  3 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Fiber-sharing in Portugal; Algerian gig for Nokia Networks/Juniper; GTS debuts unified comms; BSkyB focuses on content.
Net Neutrality Fight Peaks at FCC Deadline
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2014  |  9 comments
With the comment deadline looming, interconnection agreements are at the heart of several fillings with the FCC on its Open Internet NPRM.
Will Santa Fe Strategy Be a Message to Munis?
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2014  |  9 comments
A municipal fiber network project in New Mexico is rife with controversy, from how it was awarded to the strategy it's following to whether the city needs to be involved at all.
Eurobites: Google Fiber Eyes UK
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2014  |  5 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson Q2 margin boost; EE, Huawei trial 4G broadcasting; Orange's new subsea link.
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LRTV Custom TV
A New Security Paradigm in SDN/NFV

7|28|14   |   02:54   |   (0) comments

Paul Shaneck, Global Director Network Solutions for Symantec, discusses the evolving virtualized network, explaining how Symantec is leading the security discussion as it relates to SDN and NFV, and helping to ensure the network is protected and compliant.
LRTV Documentaries
Sprint's Network Evolution

7|24|14   |   14:59   |   (0) comments

Sprint's Jay Bluhm gives a keynote speech at the Big Telecom Event (BTE) about Sprint's network and services evolution strategy, including Spark.
LRTV Documentaries
BTE Keynote: The Software-Defined Operator

7|24|14   |   18:43   |   (1) comment

Deutsche Telekom's Axel Clauberg explains the concept of the software-defined operator to the Big Telecom Event (BTE) crowd.
Light Reedy
Numbers Are In: LR's 2014 Salary Survey

7|24|14   |   1:25   |   (7) comments

Our fourth annual Salary Survey paints a picture of who's hiring, firing, earning, and yearning for a change in the telecom industry.
LRTV Custom TV
Driving the Network Transformation

7|23|14   |   4:29   |   (0) comments

Intel's Sandra Rivera discusses network transformation and how Intel technologies, programs, and standards body efforts have helped the industry migration to SDN and NFV.
LRTV Custom TV
Distributed NFV-Based Business Services by RAD

7|18|14   |   5:38   |   (0) comments

With the ETSI-approved Distributed NFV PoC running in the background, RAD's CEO, Dror Bin, talks about why D-NFV makes compelling sense for service providers, and about the dollars and cents RAD is putting behind D-NFV.
LRTV Custom TV
MRV – Accelerating Packet Optical Convergence

7|15|14   |   6:06   |   (0) comments

Giving you network insight to make your network smarter.
LRTV Custom TV
NFV-Enabled Ethernet for Generating New Revenues

7|15|14   |   5:49   |   (0) comments

Cyan's Planet Orchestrate allows service providers and their end-customers to activate software-based capabilities such as firewalls and encryption on top of existing Ethernet services in just minutes.
LRTV Custom TV
Symkloud NVF-Ready Video Transcoding, Big Data

7|9|14   |   3:41   |   (0) comments

Kontron and ISV partner Vantrix demonstrate high-performance video transcoding and data analytic solutions on same 2U standard platform that is ready for SDN and NFV deployments made by mobile, cable and cloud operators.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
The Evolving Role of Hybrid Video for Competitive Success

7|4|14   |   4:09   |   (0) comments

At Huawei's Global Analysts Summit in Shenzhen, China, Steven C. Hawley from TV Strategies speaks to us about the evolving role of hybrid video for competitive success.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
How CSPs Leverage Big Data in the Digital Economy

7|4|14   |   4:48   |   (2) comments

Justin van der Lande from Analysys Mason shares with us his views on how telecom operators can leverage customer asset monetization with big data. His discusses the current status of big data applications and the challenges and opportunities for telecom operators in the digital economy era.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Accelerator for Digital Business – Future Oriented BSS

7|4|14   |   3:08   |   (0) comments

Mobile and internet are becoming intertwined; IT and CT are integrating; and leading CSPs have begun to transform to information service and entertainment providers. How should the BSS system evolve to enable this transformation? Karl Whitelock, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, shares his views.
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