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Comcast, Level 3 Flex Ethernet Muscles
News Analysis  | 
8/22/2014  |  Post a comment
Both service providers gain Ethernet-port market share in the latest US rankings by Vertical Systems Group, climbing to sixth place and eighth place, respectively.
AT&T GigaPower Adds Cupertino, Jacksonville
News Analysis  | 
8/22/2014  |  Post a comment
AT&T has announced expansion plans for its high-speed GigaPower Internet service to Cupertino, Calif., and Jacksonville, Fla., but details are limited.
Brocade: Revenue Up Despite Soft Carrier Demand
News Analysis  | 
8/22/2014  |  1 comment
Important products were delayed, and carriers are waiting.
Comcast Streams Back to School
News Analysis  | 
8/21/2014  |  13 comments
Comcast has officially launched Xfinity on Campus, a free streaming TV service for colleges and universities.
Netflix, TWC Sign Pay-to-Peer Deal
News Analysis  | 
8/20/2014  |  2 comments
Netflix has signed a paid peering agreement with Time Warner Cable, to go along with direct interconnection deals already completed with AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.
Cincinnati Bell Preps for 1-Gig
News Analysis  | 
8/20/2014  |  Post a comment
Independent telco takes dead aim at local MSO rival Time Warner Cable with plans to launch Gigabit service early next month.
Line-Powered Phone Lines: A Hot Topic Again
Rewired  | 
8/20/2014  |  11 comments
In the mid-80s, there were hot debates about how to power phones over non-copper lines. Guess what? Those debates are back.
Eurobites: EU Warns Google Over 'Right to Be Forgotten' Opportunism
News Analysis  | 
8/19/2014  |  3 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson's Croatian deal; Telefonica's Brazilian maneuver; EE tops UK study.
Icontrol Powers Smart Homes for Best Buy
News Analysis  | 
8/18/2014  |  1 comment
Best Buy's new PEQ home automation solution is powered by Icontrol, the same platform company behind numerous cable operators' smart home services.
For Cable, Broadband Is the New Video
Breznick Unbound  | 
8/18/2014  |  2 comments
As expected, US cable broadband subscribers pass cable video subs for the first time in latest report from Leichtman Research Group.
IoT Alert: Samsung Snaps Up SmartThings
News Analysis  | 
8/15/2014  |  16 comments
Samsung has purchased smart home company SmartThings for an estimated $200 million.
Eurobites: Telecom Italia Eyes Brazil Merger
News Analysis  | 
8/15/2014  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EE causes a stir with queue-jumping service; Huawei and Rostelecom box clever; soccer bosses clamp down on bootleg goal videos.
PEG Brings 100G Backhaul to Rural Markets
News Analysis  | 
8/14/2014  |  1 comment
The backhaul network operator has built a 100G route from Dallas to Jackson, Miss., to provide more capacity for all kinds of rural service providers.
Cisco Takes Another Video Hit
News Analysis  | 
8/14/2014  |  6 comments
Cisco posts a 10% drop in service provider video revenues for the latest quarter and expects continued softness for at least two more quarters.
Comcast Business Extends Fiber Network
News Wire Feed  | 
8/14/2014  |  Post a comment
New Haven County communities get a slice of the Ethernet services action.
Adtran Offers G.Fast Crosstalk Cure
News Analysis  | 
8/14/2014  |  4 comments
Frequency Division Vectoring enables VDSL2 and to co-exist, and is intended to speed up deployment and reduce cost of
Adtran Speeds Up Copper Links With Frequency Division Vectoring
News Wire Feed  | 
8/14/2014  |  Post a comment
Adtran introduces FDV, a vectoring approach that lets and VDSL2 work in tandem to deliver faster speeds to more customers.
Cisco to Ax Up to 6,000 Jobs, But It's Excited About SDN
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2014  |  4 comments
Cisco announced up to 6,000 layoffs as it barely stopped its quarterly revenue decline. But the SDN business is looking good.
T-Mobile CFO Eyes Dish, Growth Opportunities
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2014  |  1 comment
It would be easy for T-Mobile to deploy in Dish spectrum, according to CFO Braxton Carter.
AT&T's Strategy Boss Puts Content First
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2014  |  5 comments
AT&T plans to start deploying multicast video throughout 2015, as its customers' content consumption habits change.
Telstra, Netgear Claim Cable WiFi Gateway First
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2014  |  3 comments
Australian operator Telstra and Netgear have partnered to deliver what they claim is the world's first commercial deployment of an 802.11ac DOCSIS 3.0 gateway.
AllSeen Alliance Adds Bosch, Other Members
News Wire Feed  | 
8/13/2014  |  Post a comment
IoT standards alliance adds Bosch and several other industrial and enterprise companies to its ranks.
C-Spire, Adtran Team on Mississippi Gig Network
News Wire Feed  | 
8/13/2014  |  Post a comment
Competitive carrier follows Google Fiber model in creating 'fiberhoods' across the state.
Adtran Launches 'Gig Communities' Initiative
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2014  |  7 comments
Networking gear maker targets municipalities, utilities and cablecos for FTTP push, in addition to traditional telcos.
Adtran Launches Gig Communities Drive
News Wire Feed  | 
8/13/2014  |  Post a comment
Access gear maker targets municipalities, utilities and cable companies in addition to its traditional telco market for major push on high-speed services.
Suddenlink Joins Gigabit Club
News Analysis  | 
8/12/2014  |  1 comment
Suddenlink unveils $230 million capital program to upgrade most of its cable systems for gigabit service by 2017.
Raco Aims to Eliminate Need for IoT Standards
News Analysis  | 
8/12/2014  |  2 comments
RacoWireless introduces a cloud-based API that lets developers create applications for the Internet of Things, regardless of standards.
Gainspeed, Avegant Share CableLabs Top Honors
News Analysis  | 
8/12/2014  |  Post a comment
Joint CableLabs Innovation Showcase winners Gainspeed and Avegant represent cable's dual focus on infrastructure efficiency and user interface improvement.
UTStarcom Announces CFO Transition
News Wire Feed  | 
8/12/2014  |  Post a comment
Min Xu joins the company, replacing Robert Pu.
Telstra Acquires Ooyala
News Wire Feed  | 
8/12/2014  |  Post a comment
Telstra to acquire Ooyala to build personalized cloud-based TV and video platform company.
Iliad's Bid for T-Mobile: This Ain't No Joke
Shades of Ray  | 
8/12/2014  |  3 comments
Not taking Iliad's bid for T-Mobile US seriously? Think again.
Eurobites: Big Data Enters the Next Dimension (Possibly)
News Analysis  | 
8/12/2014  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: CityFibre strikes public sector deal; Avanti lines up next satellite; BT in UC collaboration.
Granite Still Reaping POTS Revenue
News Analysis  | 
8/12/2014  |  1 comment
In the gigabit, all-IP era, many major multi-location businesses still need POTS lines and basic broadband.
Android TV Could Roil Streaming Market – IHS
News Analysis  | 
8/11/2014  |  5 comments
Research report predicts the new Google TV streaming platform could disrupt the media streaming player market, especially hurting Roku and Amazon Fire TV.
Suddenlink Joins Gigabit Rush
News Wire Feed  | 
8/11/2014  |  Post a comment
Seventh largest US cable provider pledges to deliver gigabit speeds even to rural areas
CBS Eyes Online Streaming Deals
News Analysis  | 
8/11/2014  |  4 comments
CBS is selling original programming to other broadcasters, cable networks, and will soon do so to online video streaming services.
Gigabit Is the New Black
The Utilitarian  | 
8/8/2014  |  9 comments
The continuing rollout of gigabit networks across the country stands in stark contrast to the average Internet access speeds in US states.
Lunch With... Procera's James Dirksen
Wagner’s Ring  | 
8/8/2014  |  4 comments
Procera's VP business development James Dirksen and I talked deep packet inspection and deep fried noodles.
Eurobites: Gemalto Buys Data Protection Specialist
News Analysis  | 
8/8/2014  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Portugal Telecom CEO quits; Telecom Italia eyes up GVT; Russia's MTS suspends operations in Crimea; Altice profits up.
Next-Gen Video Fuels Liberty Growth
News Analysis  | 
8/7/2014  |  2 comments
Top international MSO now boasts nearly 3 million advanced video subscribers across Europe, thanks to its growing deployments of TiVo and Horizon TV.
Cablevision Looks to Data as Great Savior
News Analysis  | 
8/7/2014  |  10 comments
Despite losing broadband customers in the second quarter, Cablevision views data services and 'connectivity' as the key to future growth.
CenturyLink to Expand Gigabit Service to 16 Cities
News Wire Feed  | 
8/6/2014  |  Post a comment
Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando and Seattle are among the cities getting the gigabit treatment.
Eurobites: DT Down on Sprint's Withdrawal
News Analysis  | 
8/6/2014  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Liberty Global gets Euro/LatAm boost; Telecom Italia revenues down 11%; M2M developments.
TWC: Maxxing Out Too Late?
Breznick Unbound  | 
8/6/2014  |  3 comments
While the No. 2 US MSO is accelerating plans for all-digital video and broadband speed upgrades, it's still desperately playing catch-up.
Bolt Taps ETI for Software Platform
News Analysis  | 
8/5/2014  |  Post a comment
Bolt Fiber Optic Services will use ETI's Overture software suite for operations and customer care functions, and to turn its video headend into a multi-tenant platform.
Cablevision Lands Ex-Yahooer as CTO
News Analysis  | 
8/5/2014  |  Post a comment
Fifth-largest US MSO hires former Yahoo exec David Dibble for its freshly created CTO position.
Mimosa's Backhaul Bubbles With Massive MIMO
News Analysis  | 
8/5/2014  |  4 comments
Startup Mimosa intros a 1-Gig backhaul radio and says it can get customer installation costs below $100 in the city.
GVTC Eyes a Gigabit Future
News Analysis  | 
8/4/2014  |  Post a comment
A telco co-op in Texas readies a gigabit network in its region north of San Antonio to prep customers for all service eventualities.
Arris Lands CCAP Deal in Poland
News Wire Feed  | 
8/4/2014  |  Post a comment
Multimedia Polska is deploying the Arris E6000 router.
Oplink Answers Activist Investors
News Wire Feed  | 
8/1/2014  |  1 comment
Oplink addresses the requests of two investors for seats on its board as it evaluates future plans.
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LRTV Custom TV
VeEX – Live from the Show

8|21|14   |   5:58   |   (0) comments

An overview of VeEX Test and Measurement solutions including TX300S multi-service test set with VeExpress cloud-based management system, UX400 universal modular platform supporting 100G testing, and the redesigned RXT modular platform.
LRTV Custom TV
Transitioning CE 2.0 Networks Into the SDN & NFV Era With Telco Systems

8|19|14   |   5:19   |   (0) comments

Telco Systems' Ariel Efrati (CEO) and Moshe Shimon (VP of Product Management) discuss virtualization and how the company's new Open Metro Edge solution utilizes the SDN and NFV concepts to accelerate and orchestrate service delivery through its innovative product portfolio and software applications.
LRTV Custom TV
NFV Myths: Is NFV Still Several Years Away?

8|11|14   |   1:13   |   (0) comments

Some say that NFV (network functions virtualization) is still several years away from being implemented on mobile operator networks. This isn't the case. Operators can get started on their paths to NFV now, as this short video from Skyfire shows.
LRTV Custom TV
A New Security Paradigm in SDN/NFV

7|28|14   |   02:54   |   (0) comments

Paul Shaneck, Global Director Network Solutions for Symantec, discusses the evolving virtualized network, explaining how Symantec is leading the security discussion as it relates to SDN and NFV, and helping to ensure the network is protected and compliant.
LRTV Documentaries
Sprint's Network Evolution

7|24|14   |   14:59   |   (0) comments

Sprint's Jay Bluhm gives a keynote speech at the Big Telecom Event (BTE) about Sprint's network and services evolution strategy, including Spark.
LRTV Documentaries
BTE Keynote: The Software-Defined Operator

7|24|14   |   18:43   |   (1) comment

Deutsche Telekom's Axel Clauberg explains the concept of the software-defined operator to the Big Telecom Event (BTE) crowd.
Light Reedy
Numbers Are In: LR's 2014 Salary Survey

7|24|14   |   1:25   |   (7) comments

Our fourth annual Salary Survey paints a picture of who's hiring, firing, earning, and yearning for a change in the telecom industry.
LRTV Custom TV
Driving the Network Transformation

7|23|14   |   4:29   |   (0) comments

Intel's Sandra Rivera discusses network transformation and how Intel technologies, programs, and standards body efforts have helped the industry migration to SDN and NFV.
LRTV Custom TV
Distributed NFV-Based Business Services by RAD

7|18|14   |   5:38   |   (0) comments

With the ETSI-approved Distributed NFV PoC running in the background, RAD's CEO, Dror Bin, talks about why D-NFV makes compelling sense for service providers, and about the dollars and cents RAD is putting behind D-NFV.
LRTV Custom TV
MRV – Accelerating Packet Optical Convergence

7|15|14   |   6:06   |   (0) comments

Giving you network insight to make your network smarter.
LRTV Custom TV
NFV-Enabled Ethernet for Generating New Revenues

7|15|14   |   5:49   |   (0) comments

Cyan's Planet Orchestrate allows service providers and their end-customers to activate software-based capabilities such as firewalls and encryption on top of existing Ethernet services in just minutes.
LRTV Custom TV
Symkloud NVF-Ready Video Transcoding, Big Data

7|9|14   |   3:41   |   (0) comments

Kontron and ISV partner Vantrix demonstrate high-performance video transcoding and data analytic solutions on same 2U standard platform that is ready for SDN and NFV deployments made by mobile, cable and cloud operators.
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