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Content posted in August 2017
Transform Risk into Reward
Information Resources  | 
8/30/2017  | 
DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, and longer, often lasting more than 24 hours. The 0s and 1s that flash through service provider networks are equally vulnerable. Attackers don’t care where the data is coming from…they’re looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit for money. Read the Transform Risk to Reward eBook (insert hyperlink here) to see how to add 1s and 0s to your bottom line by incorporating managed security services to your corporate offerings.
China Mobile Videoconferencing Case
Information Resources  | 
8/25/2017  | 
Cloud Technologies Resolve Campus Network Management Difficulties
Information Resources  | 
8/21/2017  | 
Cloud: Services at your Fingertips
Information Resources  | 
8/21/2017  | 
Leading New ICT, The Road To Digital Transformation
Information Resources  | 
8/21/2017  | 
Brochure: Huawei HD Videoconferencing Endpoint TE10 Datasheet
Information Resources  | 
8/21/2017  | 
Huawei TE10 is an innovative cloud-based videoconferencing endpoint, which can connect to a wide range of cloud platforms.
Cloud Enterprise Communications - Serving Digital Enterprises
Information Resources  | 
8/21/2017  | 
Today, digital technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, mobility, and social business are continuously changing the way we work and live. While making everything more convenient for consumers, ever-emerging digital services are also creating now-generation digital products, reshaping the traditional industry value chain and establishing an all-new digital economy. Find out how Cloud Enterprise Communications are serving Digital Enterprises in this new paper from Huawei.
Fiber networks: Faster payback means Better Connected
Information Resources  | 
8/15/2017  | 
Virtualization: A Critical Capability for Service Provider Success in IoT, 5G & Beyond
Information Resources  | 
8/14/2017  | 
This white paper looks at developments in the IoT landscape and the critical factors and obstacles that CSPs need to be aware of as they consider the development of their network architecture to address the market and meet customer expectations.
5G Can Be a Catalyst for NFV: Will CSPs Win the Battle for Value With OTT Providers
Information Resources  | 
8/9/2017  | 
Communications service providers (CSPs) are being challenged on numerous fronts. Over- the top (OTT) providers such as Facebook and Netflix are only getting stronger, and continue to garner much of the value of content running CSPs networks. This puts CSPs in a difficult position since they are not generating the revenue to offset the investment they need to make to increase network capacity.
4.5G Evolution, the Road to 5G
Information Resources  | 
8/2/2017  | 
Examining the Challenges in Implementing and Testing Massive MIMO for 5G
Information Resources  | 
8/1/2017  | 
Accelerate from idea to reality. Our latest 5G application note reviews MIMO processes, outlines the challenges, and presents solutions for simulation, design and test. Download app note to learn more.
Exploring 5G Coexistence Scenarios Using a Flexible Hardware/Software Testbed
Information Resources  | 
8/1/2017  | 
This WP presents three sets of case studies and describes a flexible testbed which focus on the coexistence of 5G with legacy wireless signals, 5G with satellite signals and LTE with radar signals. Download app note to learn more.
Implementing a Flexible Testbed for 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis
Information Resources  | 
8/1/2017  | 
Explore 5G cellular system waveforms, algorithms and techniques with Keysight’s 5G testbed hardware and software elements providing the flexibility needed to address the inherent challenges of signal generation and analysis. Download now.
Applying a Very Wide-Bandwidth Millimeter-Wave Testbed to Power Amplifier
Information Resources  | 
8/1/2017  | 
We’ve configured a 5G testbed capable of generating and analyzing wideband millimeter-wave signals. It can also apply digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithms that improve PA performance. Download app note to learn more.
Defining a Channel-Sounding Measurement System for Characterization of 5G Air Interfaces
Information Resources  | 
8/1/2017  | 
This application note provided insight into defining a channel-sounding measurement system for characterization of 5G air interfaces through a variety of measurement methods. Download app note to learn more.

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