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Content posted in March 2016
Drones Deliver 360-Degree Video with LTE Small Cells
Information Resources  | 
3/30/2016  | 
Intel is leading the convergence of computing and connectivity that will bring 5G to life. As the world becomes increasingly smart and connected, 5G networks are essential to delivering amazing experiences throughout daily life. The introduction of 5G represents a significant shift from today’s mobile networks.
5G: A Network Transformation Imperative
Information Resources  | 
3/30/2016  | 
The explosive growth in mobile data traffic, combined with the proliferation of “smart” devices, is forcing communications service providers to transform their networks.
Huawei Launches UPS5000-S at CeBIT 2016, power module efficiency up to 97.5%
Information Resources  | 
3/24/2016  | 
Huawei launched a modular Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) with a high efficient power module of up to 97.5% at CeBIT 2016.
IPTV Migration Strategies Part 1: Security Primer
Information Resources  | 
3/24/2016  | 
As Operators build infrastructures for IPTV media deliver, security is the key to success. Alticast explores the move to IPTV in this part I white paper exploring the multitude of considerations when designing a secure system.
Leading the World to 5G – Use Cases and Vision
Information Resources  | 
3/21/2016  | 
Much more than faster peak rates, 5G will connect new industries, enable new services, and empower new user experiences. In this presentation, see Qualcomm’s 5G vision, as well as the timeline and our progress towards making this vision a reality.
Layer 7 Visibility for Virtual CPE – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
3/18/2016  | 
This white paper reviews state-of-the-art vCPE deployments in the enterprise market and discusses how operators can use embedded traffic analysis software to design application-aware, customer-specific network services.
Axyom Ultra-Broadband Edge Platform
Information Resources  | 
3/17/2016  | 
The Internet of Things (IoT), high-definition everything, virtual and augmented reality, ever bigger data tsunamis – this is the not-sodistant ultra-broadband future.
Arbor & Cisco: Stopping DDoS Attacks
Information Resources  | 
3/15/2016  | 
As service providers and enterprises deliver next-generation Internet experiences, it is critical that availability is not affected by DDoS attacked.
Threat-Centric Security Solutions for Service Providers
Information Resources  | 
3/15/2016  | 
What if you could effectively secure the entire production network, including your carrier network infrastructure, mobile, cloud, and video networks along with the data center and corporate IT environments?
Cisco ASR 9000 vDDoS Protection Solution
Information Resources  | 
3/15/2016  | 
Cisco and Arbor Networks have collaborated to bring industry-leading distributed denial-of-service mitigation capabilities on the Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers. This collaboration extends the Arbor Peakflow Threat Management System DDoS mitigation functions to the ASR 9000.
Cloud-Native NFV Architecture for Agile Service Creation & Scaling
Information Resources  | 
3/14/2016  | 
NFV must move beyond cost saving to ultimately boost innovative service creation and CSP’s top line and competitiveness. This Heavy Reading whitepaper explores what constitutes a cloud-native NFV architecture for agile service creation and scaling.
Huawei Proposes Experience-Centric Network Construction
Information Resources  | 
3/14/2016  | 
Intent NBI for Software Defined Networking
Information Resources  | 
3/14/2016  | 
According to the architecture definition in Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a Software Defined Network (SDN) includes three vertically separated layers: infrastructure, control and application.
Technical White Paper on SDN
Information Resources  | 
3/14/2016  | 
With the rapid development of the Internet, carriers' bearer networks are evolving quickly to meet the increased service demands of consumers, such as text, voice, and video services. These services are penetrating into every aspect of people's social life and changing how people work and live.
The Future of Mobile Service Delivery – by HR
Information Resources  | 
3/11/2016  | 
The reality for mobile operators today is that there is no shortage of either challenges or opportunities at the service layer. The inexorable reality is that the state of service delivery for mobile operators with continue to dramatically evolve.
Huawei's One-Stop Solution for HD Video Networks
Information Resources  | 
3/7/2016  | 
Maximizing Network Energy Efficiency on 5G
Information Resources  | 
3/2/2016  | 
ZTE Big Video Solution White Paper
Information Resources  | 
3/1/2016  | 
Validating Cisco's Threat-Centric Security Solutions
Information Resources  | 
3/1/2016  | 
With 2016 set to be the first significant year for the commercial deployment of virtual network functions (VNFs), it’s time to address one of the biggest challenges facing network operators in the vanguard of virtualization — network security in next-generation networks (virtualized and hybrid).

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