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MIGU Joins Forces With Huawei to Roll Out New Apps on Huawei's Container Cloud Engine
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/25/2017  |  Post a comment
MIGU Interactive Entertainment business has been deployed on Huawei's Container Cloud Engine.
Huawei Unveils TestCraft
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/18/2017  |  Post a comment
Huawei releases TestCraft, its Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution, that it claims will help accelerate SDN and NFV deployments.
Huawei Promotes FlexE Standardization, Accelerating the Unification of 5G Bearer Standards
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/5/2017  |  Post a comment
FlexE is an interface technology used to implement service isolation and network slicing on the bearer network.
China Mobile Hong Kong, Huawei Jointly Launch All-Cloud Core Network Showcase
Huawei Press Releases  | 
8/23/2017  |  Post a comment
China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has opened its All-Cloud Core Network Showcase, which it built in partnership with Huawei.
Huawei & IDC Jointly Issue Cloud Enterprise Communications White Paper
Huawei Press Releases  | 
6/22/2017  |  Post a comment
Paper conveys the evolution trends of cloud enterprise communications, market space, application value, and other key information on the industry.
Huawei Huddle-Room Cloud Video Endpoint TE10 Wins ‘Best of Show Award’ at Interop
Huawei Press Releases  | 
6/7/2017  |  Post a comment
Huawei huddle-room cloud video endpoint TE10 was announced as a winner of ‘Best of Show Award’ in Interop Tokyo 2017.
Huawei Access Technologies: Enabling Fixed Network Operators to Monetize Existing Assets Through Refarming
Huawei Press Releases  | 
3/28/2017  |  Post a comment
Huawei’s expertise in global fixed network modernization solutions is allowing fixed network operators to take a new look at asset management by rejuvenating asset potential, implementing a smooth evolution, protecting existing investments, providing users with innovative services quicker, and increasing asset profits.
Huawei Unveils the Latest Cloud Enterprise Communications Solution
Huawei Press Releases  | 
3/23/2017  |  Post a comment
Huawei unveiled the latest Cloud Enterprise Communications solution at CeBIT 2017.
Huawei & Colt Data Center Services Announce Partnership in Cloud Data Center Infrastructure
Huawei Press Releases  | 
3/22/2017  |  Post a comment
The partnership will focus on responding to increasing industry requirements for dynamic, cost-effective, and customer-oriented data center infrastructure in the cloud era.
Huawei TE10 Cloud Video Endpoint Wins iF Design Award 2017
Huawei Press Releases  | 
2/15/2017  |  Post a comment
The Huawei TE10 huddle-room cloud video endpoint won an iF Design Award for 2017.
Huawei and Utrecht University Publish 1st Industry SDN Open Ecosystem Theory at Huawei Connect Europe 2016
Huawei Press Releases  | 
11/24/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei promoted the SDN ecosystem in order to support a more comprehensive consulting role towards the Network 2020 transformation, enhancing the time to market and power of innovation that will benefit all parties.
Winning in the Gigaband Era Through 'ABC Curve' Optimization
Huawei Press Releases  | 
11/18/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei's Access Network solutions help operators optimize the 'ABC curve' and achieve positive business growth.
Huawei's GigaHome Solution: Supporting Operators to Succeed in a Blue Ocean Strategy
Huawei Press Releases  | 
11/2/2016  |  Post a comment
GigaHome solution better supports digital home applications, and meets home user requirements for telecommunication, entertainment, accommodation and security.
Huawei SuperVector Enables Operators to Build UBB Networks Economically & Efficiently
Huawei Press Releases  | 
11/1/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has worked with European operators to initiate the concept of SuperVector technology.
Huawei Bonding Access Fixed-Mobile Synergy Solution: Agile Deployment With a 10 Times Efficiency Improvement
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/28/2016  |  Post a comment
Solution makes full use of the existing copper line infrastructure and high coverage of 4G network to increase the broadband access rate from 10–50 Mbit/s to over 200 Mbit/s.
Huawei Unveils 'Cloud Network Synergy' White Paper at Open Cloud Forum
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/20/2016  |  Post a comment
Details steps needed to build Experience-Centric B2B Cloud Services.
Huawei's Open Cloud Forum Accelerates Network All Cloud Transformation
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/20/2016  |  Post a comment
More than 100 operator executives, technical experts, partners and analysts from across the world joined Open Cloud Forum.
Huawei UBB Home Gateways Support Gigabit Accesses Through Any Media for Building High-Quality Home Networks
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/18/2016  |  Post a comment
Showcased at Broadband World Forum in London.
Huawei MA5800: Enables Operators to Quickly Deploy Gigabit Services for Enterprises to Seize B2B Opportunities
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/18/2016  |  Post a comment
Unlike the traditional access platform that supports centralized switching, Huawei's MA5800 employs the distributed architecture.
Huawei CloudFAN Supports Operators in Business Transformation in Cloud Era
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/18/2016  |  Post a comment
To keep pace with the times, Huawei constantly updates its access network solution.
Over 50 Operators Deploy Huawei MA5800, Ushering in the Gigaband Era
Huawei Press Releases  | 
10/14/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei released the gigabit access–oriented MA5800 in 2014, meeting access requirements of the Gigaband era.
Huawei PON Combo Solutions Enable Smooth Evolution to 10G PON
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/20/2016  |  Post a comment
Smoothly transitioning networks to 10G PON without affecting existing services economically, efficiently, and simply is crucial to the large-scale deployment of 10G PON and commercial application of gigabit bandwidth.
Gigabit Home WiFi Coverage Is on the Horizon
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/9/2016  |  Post a comment
FTTH services with bundled gigabit WiFi will mean new revenue potential for high-end operators.
Get Smart With Huawei's OpenLife for Smart Homes
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/9/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei's smart home solution leverages an extensive network infrastructure, pre-existing large customer base and business services expertise in the smart home arena.
IP Hard Pipe: Last Piece of Industry Network IP Transformation Puzzle
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/8/2016  |  Post a comment
Integrated solution acts as a bridge between IP networks and industrial-grade enterprise networks and leads enterprises on the path to modernization.
Huawei, ESI Sign MoU to Innovate HPC
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/6/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei and Paris-based ESI Group (ESI) will collaborate on High-Performance Computing (HPC) and cloud computing.
Huawei Launches Cloud Fabric 5.0 Solution
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/5/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has launched the Cloud Fabric 5.0 Solution for cloud services, with a Huawei Fabric Insight Refined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Solution as its core.
Huawei, ABB Sign MOU on Cooperation
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/5/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation with ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies.
Huawei Launches Industry First Full-Scenario Agile Controller 3.0
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/2/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has launched the first full-scenario Agile Controller 3.0 (AC 3.0) in the industry, based on ONOS.
New Trend: Operators Deploy Public Safety Networks
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/2/2016  |  Post a comment
Operators are playing an increasingly important role in deploying public safety networks.
Huawei, Infosys Launch Financial Cloud Solution to Empower Bank 3.0
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/2/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has announced the New Financial Cloud Solution for Mission Critical jointly developed by Huawei and Infosys Finacle.
Huawei Rotating CEO Guo Ping Hails New Era of Alliances
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/2/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei aims to support strong alliances that push the industry forward and promote ongoing social progress.
Huawei Launches Enterprise Solution Partner Program
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/2/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has officially launched its first Enterprise Solution Partner Program.
Huawei Launches Agile Network 2016 Solutions & Services
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/1/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei is re-architecting the network, building a foundation for digital transformation.
Huawei, Accenture Demonstrate Growing Market Momentum
Huawei Press Releases  | 
9/1/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei and Accenture have underscored the momentum of their existing alliance agreement and expanded on their future goals.
Enabling Cable Operators to Adapt Networks to the 4K Era
Huawei Press Releases  | 
8/31/2016  |  Post a comment
How can cable operators adapt their networks to the 4K era?
Dispelling 13 Common SDN Myths
Huawei Press Releases  | 
8/23/2016  |  1 comment
Misunderstandings can occur in all aspects of life and cutting-edge technology is no exception. We explore 13 common myths about SDN with the aim of providing a better understanding of this critical technology.
Tailored Solutions for Carriers' 4 Common Needs in the Digital Transformation
Huawei Press Releases  | 
8/22/2016  |  Post a comment
Most carriers have four common needs, which must be addressed through network architectures and solutions that are ubiquitous, ultra-broad, simplified, agile, intensive and open.
Broadband Is the Critical Piece to the Video Puzzle
Huawei Press Releases  | 
8/22/2016  |  Post a comment
The combination of 4K UHD content and multiscreen services is expected to be a significant driver of bandwidth consumption for years to come, which means that investments in broadband infrastructure to support these and more traditional data services must continue to increase.
Huawei Report Charts Sustainability Efforts
Huawei Press Releases  | 
8/12/2016  |  Post a comment
'Connecting the Future' lays out previous efforts and outlines what is to come for Chinese manufacturing giant.
Gigaband City, New Way to Achieve High-Bandwidth National Broadband
Huawei Press Releases  | 
7/28/2016  |  Post a comment
Focusing on important cities and turning them into Gigaband Cities is the way forward.
T-SDN Integrated Development Environment: The Next Step in Transport Service Innovation
Huawei Press Releases  | 
6/27/2016  |  Post a comment
Future T-SDN will move towards truly programmable SDN IT and CT convergence technology, to provide an open service innovation platform for carriers.
OTN Soft Capabilities Ensure End-to-End 4K Service Experience
Huawei Press Releases  | 
6/24/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei has launched an OTN soft capability system based on a simplified transmission platform.
ONOS-Based T-SDN Super Controller Overcomes Difficulties of Multi-domain Network Operation
Huawei Press Releases  | 
6/23/2016  |  Post a comment
At the Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2016 in Silicon Valley, Huawei's T-SDN super controller was crowned champion of the SDN IDOL contest.
Huawei IP Hard Pipe Solution Wins Interop Best of Show Grand Prix Award
Huawei Press Releases  | 
6/20/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei's IP hard pipe solution was given the award for its innovation, representing the first time the Interop Executive Committee has given the award to a solution.
IHS Launches Global Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard 2016: Huawei Plays a Leading Role
Huawei Press Releases  | 
5/31/2016  |  Post a comment
In IHS's Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard 2016, Huawei was named as one of the Top 4 vendors in terms of comprehensive strength, alongside Ciena, Infinera and Nokia.
Omnichannel Collaboration Experience Catalyst Enables CSPs' Digital Operation Transformation
Huawei Press Releases  | 
5/12/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei is exploring the omnichannel customer-centric experience operation from the outside in.
Cloud Transformation Ushers in a Better Life
Huawei Press Releases  | 
5/9/2016  |  Post a comment
How does one define a happy life? In the Internet era that we are in, high efficiency and convenience in both life and work have become the new standards of a happy life.
Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation – A Communications Service Providers Dilemma Solved!
Huawei Press Releases  | 
5/9/2016  |  Post a comment
Huawei solution allows CSPs to support business change and improve on internal process management efficiencies while delivering digitalization opportunities that foster ecosystem business.
Open the Orchestrator to Drive Agile Operation for Operators
Huawei Press Releases  | 
4/25/2016  |  Post a comment
In Huawei's Keynote Speech at China SDN/NFV Conference 2016, Han Sanchu pointed out that business results must be the driving force for operators' operation transformation.
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