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WhatsApp Threatens Carrier VoLTE
Light Reedy  | 
4/18/2014  |  36 comments
While the operators remain quiet on 4G voice, WhatsApp is plowing full steam ahead -- with or without their involvement.
C Spire's COO Sees the Percs in SPIT
Light Reedy  | 
4/8/2014  |  1 comment
COO Kevin Hankins talks to Light Reading about the carrier's loyalty and rewards program and the opportunity in bridging the chasm between networks and IT.
T-Mobile Not Stealing Customers… Yet
Light Reedy  | 
4/3/2014  |  29 comments
The big four US operators managed to add 800,000 post-paid subscribers in the past three months, but the scales are tipping in T-Mobile's favor.
Klout Scores $200M in Lithium Buy
Light Reedy  | 
4/1/2014  |  9 comments
Social enterprise vendor Lithium snaps up Klout to add its social influence scoring system to its arsenal of customer experience management tools.
Big Fish in the CCA's Pond
Light Reedy  | 
3/25/2014  |  3 comments
The CCA's biggest members, Sprint and T-Mobile, are friends with the smaller carriers, but would they turn foe if they joined forces?
AT&T Shuts Down Alerts Beta to Revamp
Light Reedy  | 
3/24/2014  |  20 comments
AT&T says a new and improved location-based messaging service is coming later this year.
Stephen Bye, The Network Guy
Light Reedy  | 
3/20/2014  |  9 comments
All eyes are on Sprint's CTO, the man behind Network Vision, as he looks to build out a market-leading LTE network from a patchwork of different spectrum holdings.
AT&T Talks Small Cells, DAS in New Ads
Light Reedy  | 
3/17/2014  |  26 comments
Rather than go after its competitors or further muddle the term 4G, AT&T is trying a new approach to advertising -- actually explaining how it's improving its network.
The Re-Resurgence of the Prepaid Wars
Light Reedy  | 
3/14/2014  |  37 comments
With AT&T closing its Leap acquisition and Sprint introducing a new prepaid brand, contract-free service is once again becoming the biggest battleground in wireless.
Poll: Backhaul Holds Up City Small Cells
Light Reedy  | 
3/10/2014  |  7 comments
Thirty-five percent of Light Reading's nearly 700 poll takers tell us that backhaul is the biggest impediment to public access small-cell deployments.
Could Tata Be Facebook's Next M&A Target?
Light Reedy  | 
3/6/2014  |  17 comments
Following its WhatsApp acquisition, a deal for the Indian telco Tata Communications could be just crazy enough to work for the social network.
WebRTC & the Rise of the WebCo
Light Reedy  | 
2/28/2014  |  19 comments
WebRTC is a big opportunity for telcos, but it's a technology that could shape up without them. Heard this story before?
SK Telecom Gives Dialing a Makeover
Light Reedy  | 
2/27/2014  |  10 comments
It was the first with VoLTE and now the first to make how its customers call prettier and potentially more lucrative.
Libon Liberates Orange From RCS
Light Reedy  | 
2/25/2014  |  3 comments
Orange is smart not to place all its bets on RCS, but build a service that will work for all users, regardless of the network or OTT app being used.
Carrier WiFi: The Handoff Tradeoff
Light Reedy  | 
2/21/2014  |  9 comments
Seamless handoff is a big issue for carrier WiFi, but the industry isn't coalescing around one way to do it.
AT&T, IBM Adopt an Analytical Approach to M2M
Light Reedy  | 
2/18/2014  |  10 comments
Partnership bringing together AT&T's network and M2M connections with IBM's analytics software and security mean big-data insights on small-data connections.
Salary Survey: What's It Worth to You?
Light Reedy  | 
2/12/2014  |  10 comments
Light Reading is now accepting responses to its fourth annual telecom industry salary survey, exploring hiring, firing, raises, job satisfaction, and opportunities in the space.
Beal's New Gig: Integrating Vodafone & Tata?
Light Reedy  | 
2/3/2014  |  4 comments
Matt Beal's new job description could expand greatly if Vodafone is to acquire all of Tata's telecom assets, as rumored.
Mobile World Congress: Our Key Players
Light Reedy  | 
2/3/2014  |  10 comments
Meet the team of Light Reading editors and Heavy Reading analysts who will be out at MWC in full force.
The No-Streaming Bowl
Light Reedy  | 
1/31/2014  |  11 comments
Carriers are losing interest in equipping sports stadiums with WiFi, but they need it now more than ever.
LTE Brings More Malware
Light Reedy  | 
1/29/2014  |  1 comment
More data usage can lead to more mobile infections, according to Alcatel-Lucent's latest malware findings.
AT&T's VoLTE Phones Start Trickling Out
Light Reedy  | 
1/13/2014  |  3 comments
LTE carrier has announced its first VoLTE phone, the Padfone X, and is reportedly testing the 4G voice service on Samsung devices.
AT&T Toll-Free Data: Innovation or Rip-Off?
Light Reedy  | 
1/9/2014  |  24 comments
AT&T's new toll-free data option is drawing criticism for double-dipping and playing favorites, but it could be one of its most pro-consumer innovations yet.
Is WiFi the New It Network?
Light Reedy  | 
12/30/2013  |  20 comments
Several WiFi-first MVNOs are relying on WiFi to do the heavy lifting and consumers to accept the trade-offs.
CTIA Site Dispels Mobile Data Mysteries
Light Reedy  | 
12/27/2013  |  17 comments
New tells consumers and developers how much data their favorite apps will consume.
Carrier WiFi: The Key People
Light Reedy  | 
12/20/2013  |  Post a comment
We highlight the service provider and vendor executives that are taking WiFi to the next level for communications service providers.
Operators Can't Kik the OTT Habit
Light Reedy  | 
12/12/2013  |  24 comments
SMS-alternative app Kik reaches 100M customers as the operators continue to lose the war in messaging innovation.
Who's Moving & Shaking in Small Cells?
Light Reedy  | 
12/3/2013  |  3 comments
We're calling out the executives from across the globe who are talking a big game and making important progress in small cells.
Time to Flip BlackBerry's Handset Kill Switch
Light Reedy  | 
11/22/2013  |  15 comments
Enterprise software is BlackBerry's only hope of a resurrection. The company has to know that, right?
Android's Still a Malware Magnet
Light Reedy  | 
11/13/2013  |  12 comments
Sixty percent of mobile malware infections target Android, compared with less than 1 percent on the iPhone, Alcatel-Lucent finds.
Verizon Jumps Into the Tablet Game
Light Reedy  | 
11/5/2013  |  13 comments
Carrier launches its own branded Ellipsis 7 tablet with LTE, Redbox Instant, and Verizon Messages.
Why Your Klout Score Really Matters
Light Reedy  | 
10/30/2013  |  13 comments
The more influence you get in the social media world, the more likely your service providers are to pay attention to you.
Moto Goes Modular
Light Reedy  | 
10/29/2013  |  13 comments
Project Ara breaks the smartphone down into modular pieces, so consumers can swap in new modules for the latest and greatest rather than buy a new device.
Big Data, Sans Hype
Light Reedy  | 
10/25/2013  |  6 comments
A light Reading live chat cuts through the hype to offer up some actual big data use cases and the biggest challenges holding operators back.
NSN, Ericsson Butt Small Cells
Light Reedy  | 
10/17/2013  |  6 comments
And Spidercloud butts in too.
Big-Data's Not So Big Without CEM
Light Reedy  | 
10/11/2013  |  5 comments
Big-data monetization is important, but it should be part of a larger customer experience management strategy.
Chicago Subways to Get 4G Upgrade
Light Reedy  | 
10/8/2013  |  14 comments
Mobile addicts fear not, we'll soon have data in the sky and under the ground.
T-Mobile Leads, Sprint Suffers in Pricing Wars
Light Reedy  | 
10/7/2013  |  7 comments
Pricing is the only way to differentiate in mobile now, and Sprint's losing precious ground to T-Mobile.
Mobile Services Are Next Uber Trend
Light Reedy  | 
9/30/2013  |  7 comments
Services like Uber are redefining how we use mobile technologies to transform our everyday lives.
Small Cells Mean Big Backhaul Challenges
Light Reedy  | 
9/25/2013  |  5 comments
Operators are making big bets on small cells, but first they have to work through the mobile backhaul challenges, which will be discussed at next week's Ethernet & SDN Expo in New York City.
Live Chat: LTE Launches & the Road Ahead
Light Reedy  | 
9/9/2013  |  12 comments
Join us Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. EST for a live chat with Heavy Reading's Gabriel Brown about how LTE operators are evolving their networks and what it means to their customers.
Developers Optimistic on Microsoft's Nokia Buy
Light Reedy  | 
9/4/2013  |  5 comments
Developers at Qualcomm's Uplinq conference hope the acquisition means more tightly integrated services for Windows Phone.
The Uplinq Outlook: 2013 Edition
Light Reedy  | 
9/2/2013  |  2 comments
Qualcomm's annual developer confab kicks off this week in San Diego, where everything from LTE-Advanced to WebRTC and augmented reality is on the agenda.
Ballmer Bails on Microsoft
Light Reedy  | 
8/23/2013  |  18 comments
Or, did Microsoft bail on him?
EE Users Snub WiFi for LTE
Light Reedy  | 
8/19/2013  |  16 comments
LTE's popularity in the UK is great news for the network but bad news for carrier WiFi initiatives.
Is HD Voice Really Heard 'Round the World?
Light Reedy  | 
8/15/2013  |  23 comments
The GSA says HD voice is creeping closer to mainstream, but I'll believe it when I hear it.
Telefónica: Tu Me Has Got To Go
Light Reedy  | 
8/7/2013  |  3 comments
Operator caves to OTT pressure and plans to double down on cross-platform comms instead
Is Google the New WiFi of Coffee Snobs?
Light Reedy  | 
8/2/2013  |  8 comments
Starbucks announced this week that it will replace the free 1.5 Mbit/s WiFi service AT&T has provided it since 2008 with Google's Level 3-supported WiFi.
Falling ASPs Foretell a Smartphone Shakeup
Light Reedy  | 
7/26/2013  |  3 comments
Declining ASPs, new pricing plans and shifts in market share are paving the way for some changes in the mobile hierarchy.
Shades of VoLTE
Light Reedy  | 
7/18/2013  |  7 comments
When the US operators launch 4G voice, will it go beyond voice and text and will consumers care?
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LRTV Custom TV
Optimizing SDN & NFV Architectures Through Application Awareness

4|23|14   |   6:24   |   (0) comments

Jerome Tollet, CTO at Qosmos, explains how network equipment vendors and operators deploying SDN and NFV can take advantage of network intelligence delivered by DPI to strengthen products and services.
LRTV Custom TV
Wind River Demonstrates Carrier-Grade Software for NFV

4|22|14   |   5:00   |   (0) comments

Wind River VP of Product Management, Glenn Seiler, takes a look the industry's first and only complete NFV software platform designed specifically for the unique carrier-grade and high-performance needs of telecom networks.
LRTV Documentaries
Cable Eyes Big Technology Shifts

4|16|14   |   03:02   |   (4) comments

US cable engineers are facing a lot of heavy lifting in the coming years, notes Light Reading Cable/Video Practice Leader Alan Breznick.
LRTV Custom TV
Maximizing Customer Experience & Assuring Service Delivery in an IP World

4|15|14   |   4:57   |   (0) comments

Steven Shalita, VP of Marketing, NetScout Systems, Inc., discusses the challenges cable/MSO operators face in assuring the delivery of new IP-based services. Key points include the value of proactively managing performance, and using rich analytics and operational intelligence to better understand service and usage trends, make smarter business decisions and ...
LRTV Documentaries
Bye-Bye DVD: Consumers Embrace Digital Video

4|10|14   |   04:17   |   (7) comments

Veteran video analyst Colin Dixon, founder and principal analyst of nScreenMedia, says research shows 56% are using digital video already.
LRTV Documentaries
Video: TW Cable Puts Multicast Gateways to the Test

4|8|14   |   04:13   |   (1) comment

Tom Gonder, a chief architect at Time Warner Cable, explains how its trial of multicast gateways is impacting IP-based video plans.
LRTV Custom TV
Managing & Monetizing Big Data in Operator Environments

4|7|14   |     |   (1) comment

At Mobile World Congress, Gigamon's Director of Service Provider Solutions, Andy Huckridge, and Heavy Reading Analyst Sarah Wallace discuss the 'big data' issues facing carriers and operators today.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Data Center Energy – Build Your Data Center in a Modular Way

4|7|14   |   2:13   |   (0) comments

Dr. Fang Liangzhou, VP Network Energy Product Line, shared his thoughts about the challenges for data centers during CeBIT 2014.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Agile Network Solution – An Overview of Huawei's Agile Network Solution

4|7|14   |   2:31   |   (0) comments

Ajay Gupta, Director of Product Marketing, Networking Product Line, gives an overview of the Agile Network Solutions during CeBIT 2014.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
Huawei’s eLTE Voice Trunking, Video and Data Applied for Railways

4|7|14   |   1:38   |   (0) comments

Gottfried Winter is the Sales Director at Funkwerk, a German specialist in GSM-r terminals and a long-time partner of Huawei. At CeBIT 2014, Winter talks to Light Reading about this partnership and the integration of enhanced voice trunking, video and data functions.
LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
LeaseWeb Speaks Highly of Huawei's Datacenter Products

4|7|14   |   1:37   |   (0) comments

Rene Olde Olthof, Operations Director LeaseWeb, talks about the next data center transformation during CeBIT 2014.
LRTV Documentaries
Comcast: Reshaping the Cable Network Architecture

4|3|14   |   07:11   |   (8) comments

Shamim Akhtar, Comcast's architect and senior director of network strategy, explains why the cable company is moving to a more distributed network architecture.
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