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ZTE Tumbles Again as US Senate Rejects Rescue Deal
News Analysis  | 
6/19/2018  |  Post a comment
The Chinese supplier's future is once again on the line after US politicians voted to scrap Trump's rescue deal.
ZTE Is Still in the Danger Zone
Morris Lore  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Investors look panicky despite plans for a new line of credit and management changes. It is little wonder.
Ciena CTO Says No to Skynet, Advocates Adaptive Networks
CxO Spotlight  | 
6/14/2018  |  3 comments
Ciena CTO Steve Alexander explains why some operators are leery of fully autonomous networks, and how Ciena is collaborating with carriers to prepare for 5G deployments with platforms like the Adaptive Network.
ZTE Seeks $11B in Credit, Nominates New Board Members – Report
News Analysis  | 
6/14/2018  |  Post a comment
Chinese vendor is looking to raise about $11 billion in credit and has nominated new board members in response to US demands.
3GPP Done With 5G SA Specs. Now the Hard Work Begins
News Analysis  | 
6/14/2018  |  1 comment
Standards group locks down standalone specifications, but has it addressed all of the industry's 5G concerns?
ZTE Tanks on Trading Resumption, Ejects Entire Management Team
News Analysis  | 
6/13/2018  |  2 comments
Chinese vendor slumps on resumption of trading in Hong Kong and says its entire management team will be replaced.
Ericsson Massively Ups Cellular IoT Forecast
News Analysis  | 
6/12/2018  |  1 comment
Swedish equipment vendor predicts sharp growth in the number of cellular IoT connections over the next few years thanks to the NB-IoT and LTE-M surge.
Will Trump Make a Deal With Huawei?
Jonestown  | 
6/11/2018  |  1 comment
After ZTE, could the Trump admin cut a similar deal with the larger Chinese vendor, Huawei?
ZTE Fined Another $1B in Rescue Deal With US
News Analysis  | 
6/7/2018  |  4 comments
Chinese vendor forced to overhaul its management and put on ten-year probation by US authorities.
Vodafone, Telefónica End Network Sharing in London
News Analysis  | 
6/6/2018  |  Post a comment
Vodafone and Telefónica are unwinding parts of their network-sharing deal in response to soaring usage of mobile data services.
Acacia, Oclaro in Optical Module Land Grab
News Analysis  | 
6/5/2018  |  Post a comment
Module vendors team up to develop interoperable coherent 100G and 200G modules that, they hope, will help them corner the lion's share of the telco metro optical market.
Eurobites: Telia & Ericsson Snuggle Up on Stockholm 5G Testbed
News Analysis  | 
6/5/2018  |  2 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Qualcomm appeals against antitrust fine; meet the new Martin Dawes; Iskratel and Teleste join forces on GPON/DOCSIS hybrid.
Eurobites: MTN Heads for IPO in Ghana
News Analysis  | 
5/30/2018  |  Post a comment
In today's EMEA regional roundup: MTN has started the IPO process for its operation in Ghana; Apax snaffles Expereo; Qualcomm likes Gemalto's eSIM; HERE and Sigfox get jiggy with IoT (geddit?); and anyone for Holotennis?
Boingo's Raja on How Small Cells & Virtualization Will Enable 5G
LRTV Documentaries  | 
5/29/2018  |  Post a comment
Boingo's Kishore Raja discusses the role of small cell, virtualization and edge computing technologies in 5G deployments.
Trump Says ZTE Can Re-Open... With Conditions
News Analysis  | 
5/26/2018  |  3 comments
Some US Senators are already steamed about Trump's latest tweet about ZTE.
ZTE Racks Up Losses of $3B After US Ban – Report
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2018  |  Post a comment
ZTE's customers are reviewing deals with the equipment vendor while expenses are mounting.
Trump Denies ZTE Deal, Faces Senate Backlash
News Analysis  | 
5/22/2018  |  9 comments
Trump says there is no new deal for ZTE, as Senate blocks him from making a new deal anyway.
How RJio Built India's Most Automated Network
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2018  |  Post a comment
RJio's executives were likened to a music group in Nice last week, but they prefer smashing up telecom markets to hotel rooms.
Leading Lights 2018: The Winners
News Analysis  | 
5/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Find out which companies have landed the 2018 Leading Lights Awards.
Trump Tweets on ZTE… & Gives the Chinese Vendor a Lifeline!
News Analysis  | 
5/13/2018  |  5 comments
US President cites loss of Chinese jobs as key reason for a reprieve... but US jobs were at risk too.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative Mobile/Wireless Product or Service
News Analysis  | 
5/12/2018  |  Post a comment
Gigabit LTE, faster fixed wireless, AI and more all shine in this mobile product shortlist.
Vanu-HFCL Wins $86M Deal From BSNL
News Analysis  | 
5/11/2018  |  Post a comment
BSNL teams up with Vanu to bring connectivity to rural parts of India.
ZTE Ceases Business Operations After US Ban
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  1 comment
Chinese vendor's survival now looks at stake after US authorities banned it from buying US components last month.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Outstanding Components Vendor
Shades of Ray  | 
5/9/2018  |  Post a comment
The shortlist for the Outstanding Components Vendor category features five strong contenders.
Embattled ZTE Files Appeal Over Export Ban
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  Post a comment
Chinese vendor says export ban will damage a large number of US companies.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative Telecoms Product
News Analysis  | 
5/8/2018  |  Post a comment
The shortlist for the Most Innovative Telecoms Product (Optical/IP/Carrier Ethernet/FTTH) category features 12 impressive contenders.
DT Poised for 5G Launch as Huawei Antennas Go Up in Berlin
News Analysis  | 
5/3/2018  |  Post a comment
German operator puts up 5G antennas in Berlin and now looks all set for a commercial 5G launch in the German capital.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy
News Analysis  | 
5/2/2018  |  Post a comment
The envelope please...
US Ban on Huawei Would Trigger Turmoil in Telecom Industry
Morris Lore  | 
4/27/2018  |  10 comments
US authorities were said this week to be investigating Huawei for violating sanctions against Iran. Treating it like ZTE would trigger turmoil.
Huawei, ZTE in the Eye of a Trade Storm
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  21 comments
The increasingly tough US line against Huawei and ZTE form part of the resistance to China's state-driven, quasi-protectionist industry policies.
Qualcomm Profits Hammered by Licensing Disputes
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  4 comments
Qualcomm blames its legal battles with Apple and another licensee for a fall in profits but managed to grow sales thanks to its chips business.
Nokia Tumbles on Weak Results, Insists Good 5G Times Lie Ahead
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  4 comments
Finnish vendor insists the second half of 2018 will be much better than the first half as customers start to invest in long-awaited 5G networks.
Always Hungry: Feeding Data Center Bandwidth Demands in the Cloud Era
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  Post a comment
Cloud applications have an insatiable appetite for east-west bandwidth inside the data center, as well as between data centers. What can service providers do about that?
Ericsson Takes Giant Leap Toward Profitability
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2018  |  Post a comment
Swedish equipment vendor appears to turn a corner with its best set of quarterly results since the departure of former CEO Hans Vestberg.
ZTE in Existential Crisis as It Slams 'Unfair' US Ban, Considers 'Judicial Measures'
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2018  |  1 comment
ZTE hits back at US Dept. of Commerce's 'denial order' that bans US component firms from selling to the Chinese vendor for seven years, raises prospect of 'judicial measures' and questions its own survival.
I'm Back for the Future of Communications
The Philter  | 
4/20/2018  |  17 comments
Texas mop, KC smoke, Carolina vinegar – I like all styles of communications, really.
Qualcomm Cuts Jobs as It Seeks Chinese Approval for NXP M&A
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2018  |  1 comment
Qualcomm says 1,500 job losses are part of a cost-cutting plan announced in January.
Could the AV1 Codec Crush HEVC?
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2018  |  Post a comment
There's a new codec on the video block and, with promises of at least 30% greater bit-rate efficiency, it might be more than just a contender to the still up-and-coming HEVC.
Acacia Hit Worst by ZTE Components Ban
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2018  |  1 comment
Optical components specialist Acacia suffered a 36% share price dip following news of the ban on US companies selling components to Chinese systems vendor ZTE.
ZTE Labeled Security Risk by UK Government
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2018  |  Post a comment
A UK warning that ZTE could pose a security risk in service provider networks comes at the same time US authorities ban the sale of components by US firms to the Chinese vendor.
US Govt. Bans Domestic Component Sales to ZTE
News Analysis  | 
4/16/2018  |  5 comments
As part of an ongoing dispute, the US Department of Commerce bans component sales to ZTE.
Leading Lights 2018: A Bumper Crop of Finalists
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2018  |  1 comment
Hundreds of entries were judged and now the shortlists for this year's Light Reading awards have been revealed.
Nokia Seizes Open RAN Initiative as Ericsson Holds Back
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2018  |  3 comments
The Swedish vendor seems to have a bigger problem with openness than its Finnish rival.
SDN Is Hype & NFV a Faux Pas – Telecom Panel
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2018  |  16 comments
A group of telecom executives at this week's Paris tradeshow deliver a critical assessment of SDN and NFV.
Samsung Expects Boost in Sales, Profits for Q1
News Analysis  | 
4/6/2018  |  Post a comment
South Korean company is flourishing thanks largely to demand for its memory chip products.
Huawei Dwarfs Ericsson, Nokia on R&D Spend in 2017
News Analysis  | 
4/3/2018  |  12 comments
Results from the Chinese equipment giant show how difficult it will be for Ericsson and Nokia to mount an effective challenge.
Come to BCE 2018: It's a Smart Move
LRTV Documentaries  | 
4/2/2018  |  Post a comment
Among the many great reasons to join us at BCE 2018 in Austin, Texas, are the educational workshops and panels. To find out more about Light Reading's Big Communications Event (BCE), click here.
Optical on the Up: OFC 2018
News Analysis  | 
4/2/2018  |  2 comments
The optical community was buzzing at this year's OFC event, fueled in part by 5G expectations and developments from the likes of Ciena, Coriant, Infinera, Nokia and NeoPhotonics.
Sigfox Poised to Get €40M Funding Prop – Sources
News Analysis  | 
3/29/2018  |  Post a comment
Funding could help to keep the French IoT maker afloat as it wrestles with commercial challenges on several fronts.
LF Networking Gets Ambitious About Open Harmonization
News Analysis  | 
3/27/2018  |  Post a comment
Expansion into AI, network operating systems for white box and edge computing are built into efforts to collaborate more across industry groups.
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