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Content posted in May 2002
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Optix Claims 40-Gig First
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/31/2002  |  4 comments
Startup plans to introduce its first product at Supercomm, a 40-Gbit/s single-chip framer
Cratos Craters
News Analysis  | 
5/31/2002  |  28 comments
Did Tellium try to save Sonet gear-maker Cratos Networks? The point may be moot, as sources say Cratos is toast
WaveSmith's Multiservice Surprise
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/31/2002  |  6 comments
WaveSmith's edge switch is replacing Marconi gear at Global NAPs -- but where's the IP?
Why Siemens Sold Unisphere
News Analysis  | 
5/31/2002  |  14 comments
It's all part of a grand plan to focus on higher-level stuff -- notably, softswitches
Finisar Stock Slide Kills Merger
News Analysis  | 
5/31/2002  |  2 comments
The BaySpec acquisition is off, raising doubts about whether Finisar can complete other planned deals
Intel's CTO Has a Smashing Time
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/31/2002  |  1 comment
Pat Gelsinger was up to his old tricks at Intel's Developer Forum this week
Mr. Lieberman Goes to Silicon Valley
News Analysis  | 
5/30/2002  |  72 comments
Senator Joseph Lieberman is the latest politician who thinks he can solve the telecom industry's woes
KPNQwest for a Buyer
News Analysis  | 
5/30/2002  |  Post a comment
Slightly used European carrier seeks buyer. Clean credit rating preferred
Salira Prompts PON Questions
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/30/2002  |  Post a comment
The startup has unveiled Ethernet PON equipment -- and drawn attention to the technology's uncertain future
Tellabs Sees Ocular Upside
News Analysis  | 
5/30/2002  |  1 comment
Broadwing is the first customer of Tellabs' 6400, which it acquired when it bought Ocular Networks
Tellium's Optical VPN: What Is It?
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/29/2002  |  31 comments
The switch-maker says it's got a way for carriers to carve up optical bandwidth and deliver more services
Access Is In
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/29/2002  |  5 comments
Access equipment vendors look to storm Supercomm with last-mile wares that combine voice and data services
Polychromix Claims MEMS Advance
News Analysis  | 
5/29/2002  |  2 comments
Plans to upstage others developing diffractive MEMS technology, like LightConnect and Silicon Light Machines
Nortel Falls Short in Long Haul
News Analysis  | 
5/29/2002  |  39 comments
Latest from Ottawa: more layoffs, a reorg of long-haul optical, and the potential sale of the components division
Next Gen Sonet: What About SDH?
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/29/2002  |  18 comments
Startup West Bay says its latest chip will bring the full benefits of next-gen Sonet to SDH equipment
MMO2: A Wireless Wimp?
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/29/2002  |  Post a comment
The latest results from BT's former mobile operator reinforce the view that it's a prime acquisition target
Global Garage Sale Coming?
News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  7 comments
As its former bankruptcy rescue plan falls apart, the Global Crossing restructuring has grown more desperate
Bear Market Inspires Hibernation
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  42 comments
Startups need to stretch their cash, and many are dialing back extensively: But isn't there a risk of becoming obsolete?
RBOCs Ring Up Court Victory
News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  6 comments
The DC Court of Appeals has sided with the RBOCs, after the US Supreme Court rules for competitive carriers
Nortel Targets Next-Gen Congestion
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  9 comments
Nortel has a new box to bridge the gap in its next-gen Sonet offerings. Is there another message here?
Photuris, Meriton Unveil Metro Wares
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  6 comments
Startups see key value in combining Sonet and DWDM in metro gear. Two have announcements today
Vodafone Turns Deep Red, Focuses on Cost Control
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  Post a comment
Vodafone's bottom line looks like a bloodbath, but core revenues and margins are solid
Eggheads Search for Wireless Coexistence
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/28/2002  |  Post a comment
HP & MIT researchers are working on ways to make wireless WANs and LANs play nice
Multilink Makes Sonet Flexible
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/27/2002  |  8 comments
Claims that its new framer chip makes it possible to adjust the size of Sonet channels on the fly
Invites Go Out for Metro DWDM Test
News Analysis  | 
5/27/2002  |  22 comments
Williams Communications, The U. of Tulsa, and Network Test are behind Light Reading's latest test
Japan's Ethernet Elite
News Analysis  | 
5/27/2002  |  15 comments
Internet Initiative Japan, the company that pioneered dial-up access, is in danger of making money -- on Ethernet
Level 3 Software Play Has Perils
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2002  |  12 comments
Level 3's planned acquisition of Software Spectrum won't change its underlying problems, analysts say
Startups Stumble and Succumb
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2002  |  84 comments
Metro equipment startup Dynarc gives up the ghost; component player Solus files for Chapter 11
Nortel Folk Float to Seaway
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2002  |  Post a comment
A group of ex-Nortel employees licenses technology and forms content and security processor startup Seaway Networks
OFS Drags Down Furukawa
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2002  |  3 comments
Japan's leading cable maker is axing portions of its OFS acquisition in the wake of further losses
Intel Scoops Up New Focus Laser Unit
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2002  |  5 comments
Cash is king, as New Focus raises $50M from Intel, which is looking like an optical components consolidator
Qwest Trashes Junk Rating
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2002  |  Post a comment
Standard & Poors cut Qwest's credit rating to junk status yesterday. Qwest says it's just not fair
BT Lights Up Storage Service
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2002  |  Post a comment
Will its remote backup and mirroring service over optical fly where other storage service providers have flopped?
Ciena Looking to Merge Away Misery
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2002  |  89 comments
Despite heavy losses, the company's looking ahead to ONI merger and a renewed focus on international carriers
China's Long March to 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/23/2002  |  Post a comment
Pick a technology -- China's experimenting with them all on the way to third-generation networks
ADC Reports Mixed Bag in Q2
News Analysis  | 
5/22/2002  |  3 comments
Sales of broadband cable access are up, but losses are greater than expected
Riverstone Wins in Korea -- Again
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/22/2002  |  6 comments
Riverstone says it nudged aside Cisco in another win at KT Corp. Is the router vendor putting all its eggs in one basket?
Pushing the Limits on Optical Monitoring
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/22/2002  |  Post a comment
Startup BTI Photonics says its subsystem can take a lot of the sweat out of developing transport equipment
Nokia Invests $36M in Redback
News Analysis  | 
5/22/2002  |  6 comments
Redback gets some sorely needed cash, but the company isn't boosting its revenue estimates
T-Mobile: Best of a Bad Lot
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/22/2002  |  Post a comment
T-Mobile is the only gem that still glimmers in DT's battered crown
What's to Save Sycamore?
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2002  |  26 comments
M&A rumors and layoff concerns increase as Sycamore's business continues to droop
Behind the Broadwing Meltdown
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2002  |  16 comments
Broadwing's stock took a sudden nosedive today, but the company says fears are overblown
Vendors Aim to Cut Costs in Core
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/21/2002  |  10 comments
Innovance launches Corvis-like products. NEC and Tellium offer a halfway house
Optical Oracle: Core Incompetence?
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2002  |  14 comments
The Optical Oracle predicts that only two or three of today's IP core router players will survive the telecom winter
Packet Design's Routing 'Spy'
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2002  |  14 comments
Packet Design says its new product watches and listens to routers in the network. Will carriers listen?
Hutchison Blusters on UK UMTS
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/21/2002  |  Post a comment
Makes content-free announcement. Gets bombastic over the billions it's spent on the project
Juniper Nabs Unisphere for $740M
News Analysis  | 
5/20/2002  |  37 comments
Will 1+1=1? Juniper looks to get a leg up on Cisco in the edge router market UPDATED 1:30PM ET
MFN Falls Into Chapter 11
News Analysis  | 
5/20/2002  |  43 comments
After defaulting on debt payments and being delisted from Nasdaq, the metro fiber carrier files for restructuring
SkyStream Wants Its IP TV
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/20/2002  |  3 comments
Its platform, which runs broadcast video over existing phone lines, will be on display at Supercomm
MPLS VPNs: The Talk of Supercomm
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/20/2002  |  6 comments
MPLS VPNs are gaining momentum, as two switch/router vendors, Laurel and Riverstone, add features
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